Minutes of HCSC Meeting: September 11, 2007

Members Present: Dawn Marullo (presiding), Colmin Gajadar, Shirley Georgia, Mike Haehnel, Barbara Konze, James O'Donnell, Colleen Seabury, Matt Stever, Judy Walsh
Ex-Officio: Lynn Greenwood
Members Absent: Carla Kinser, Eric Nichols, Matt Sanford

Quorum Present

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m. Dawn Marullo welcomed James O'Donnell and Colleen Seabury as new members to Staff Council.

June 5, 2007 meeting minutes - Shirley Georgia made a motion to approve the June minutes as written. Judy Walsh seconded the motion. The June minutes stand approved.

 August 2, 2007 retreat minutes - Shirley Georgia made a motion to approve the August minutes as written. Mike Haehnel seconded the motion. The August minutes stand approved.

 Treasurer's Report
Mike Haehnel reported that the Staff Council balance is $1,416.48. The garage sale account stands at $2,226.10.

 New Business
Election of Secretary and Vice Chair - Matt Stever will send out a call for nominations for Secretary and Vice Chair. Colleen Seabury has expressed interest in the Secretary position, and Matt Stever is interested in the Vice Chair position. Colleen and Matt will serve in the positions on an interim basis until elections are held next month.

Approval of revised Recognition Award plan - Dawn reviewed the Customer Service and Team Player awards proposed by Staff Council. A concern about Staff Council's role in overseeing the awards was discussed, along with a concern about encouraging competition among staff. After discussion, members approved the Recognition Award plan with one objection.

Approval of Event Calendar for President Miller - Members reviewed the events scheduled for 2007-2008. Shirley shared that the luncheon in October might take place during the students' break. The event calendar was approved with no objections and will be sent to President Miller.

Middle States Review: "People" Working Group - Dawn will contact Karyl Clemens and ask if a separate meeting with Staff Council is needed before the end of this month.

Presidential Search - Dawn reminded members of the Presidential Search Committee meeting this afternoon in Shineman Chapel at 1:45 p.m. All members are encouraged to attend.

Old Business
Welcome letter to new staff - Dawn reviewed the Welcome letter which explains the purpose of Staff Council to new staff. Staff Council members did not have any objections to the letter. The letter will be sent to Lynn Greenwood. Dawn shared that Shirley Georgia developed a list of talking points about Staff Council that can be used at new staff orientation. Dawn will send that list to all members.

Emergency Communications Plan - The Emergency Communications Plan was recently sent out to all staff. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Tom Kelly or Fran Borrego. Mike Haehnel noted that he had a concern about having one person being in charge of all communications in an emergency situation and that perhaps those tasks (sending out an email/phone message) could be shared among two or more staff. Mike will follow-up to see if this concern has been addressed.

Professional Development Committee - Dawn will contact Carla Kinser for an update.

Giveaway item for employees - Members discussed having an umbrella as a giveaway item. Preliminary cost might be $6-7 a piece. Funds from the garage sale account would be used to pay for the items. Lynn Greenwood shared that she might know of a vendor with a lower cost; she will research and report back to the group. Matt Stever suggested that perhaps Faculty Council could participate in the giveaway as well; he will contact Faculty Council and report back to the group.

Updates from Committees
Schedule Fall Term meetings - Dawn reminded members that committees need to have at least one face-to-face meeting per term. Committee members also need to confirm their non-Staff Council members.

Shirley Georiga shared that the Staff Day at Pine Lake last month went very well. Activities were well planned, and student employees did a great job.

The next Staff Council meeting is Tuesday, October 2 at 9:00 a.m. in Eaton Lounge. Dawn shared that Staff Council goals will be discussed. Please e-mail Dawn with any additional agenda items.

Shirley Georgia made a motion to adjourn at 9:45 a.m. Matt Stever seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen Seabury