Minutes of HCSC Retreat: August 2, 2007

Members Present:  Shirley Georgia, Colmin Gajadar, Lynn Greenwood, Mike Haehnel, Carla Kinser, Dawn Marullo,  Matthew Sanford, Matt Stever, Judith Walsh

Members Absent:  Barbara Konze, Eric Nichols, Anne Moriarty, Frank Werdann, Rick Accordino

Quorum Was Not Present

1.  Call to Order.   The August 2, 2007 Staff Council retreat was called to order by Chair Marullo at  Quorum was not present.


2. Treasurer’s Report.  Ms. Georgia reported that 2006-07 budget ended with expenditures totaling $1192.93. She was assured by the Business Office that the Garage Sale 2005 proceeds of $2,226.10 will carry over year to year until expended.

3. Resignations.     Graig Eichler has resigned his position at the College and Sara Pickett submitted her resignation to the Chair. Graig was an appointed exempt representative so Dr. Anderson will be contacted to name a replacement. Sara was an at-large elected non-exempt member so the Nominating Committee will contact those staff who ran for election in the spring to see if they would be willing to stand for election; the committee will hold a special election in August. 

Graig was Council vice-chair and a new election for that position will be held after the two empty seats have been filled.

4.  Assessment Document.  The document was accepted as presented.

5.  Goals for 2007-08.  Suggestions were made for goals and they included:

                         a.  Opening conversation with the College over consistency across the
                             divisions in enforcing policies.
                        b.  Develop and present a calendar of Council events to Cabinet.
                         c.  Better communication practices in all things but especially during
                        d.  Fulfill the Council mission to advise the president and Cabinet on issues
                             and policies relating to staff.
                        e.  Include information on the Council in the New Employee packets or
                             address new employees during orientation.
                        d.  Support campus events and encourage staff involvement in such events.
                        e.   Staff recognition awards.

 6.  Presidential Search.  Lynn is the staff liaison on the presidential search committee. Council will prepare a list of attributes we want in the next president.  There will be a Z-list email request to staff asking for suggestions.

7.  Committees.  Council committees must be chaired by a Council member, they must meetat least once a semester, and a report of their activities is to be submitted to the Council each semester.  Professional Development does not have a chair.

a.         Planning & Events:  Ms. Georgia stated goals for this year include encourage participation in Council and College events, introduce Staff Council to new employees by working with Human Resources during Orientation, continue coffee breaks (this summer’s last one will be Aug. 14), and have the staff picnic on Aug. 12. Shirley will send the Chair a calendar of proposed events.

b.         Personnel: Ms. Kinser included as their goals for the year discussion of position classification guidelines for exempt or non-exempt classification to assist staff in understanding the methodology and processes involved in position classification, as well as, communication issues, consistency of job titles, how salary increments (across the board v. merit) are implemented, and how searches are conducted.

c.         Professional Development:  Ms. Kinser will contact Stephanie Brunetta to determine if any programming for the Fall semester has been developed and she will report back to the Council.

8.  Budget.    A proposed budget for 07-08 was discussed:









Coffee Hours

 $ 271.00

 $ 300.00




Stress Relief Fair

 $ 240.00

 $ 250.00




Recognition Award


 $ 200.00





 $   50.00

 $   50.00




Mardi Gras

 $   94.00

 $ 100.00




Misc-Giveaways, luncheon


 $ 100.00




Prof. Devel. Speakers

 $ 200.00

 $ 200.00








9.  Vice President-Finance Search. The Chair reminded members of the candidates’ visits and Council assigned luncheon meetings with the four candidates.             

10.  Adjournment.  Chair Marullo adjourned the meeting at and the next meeting will be Sept. 11.

Respectfully Submitted,
Judith Walsh