Minutes of HCSC Meeting: August 26, 2009

Staff Council

Retreat Minutes

August 26th, 2009

Members Present: Alicia Fish, Jane Bachman (Vice Chair), Lynda Clark, Linda Wells, Kate Fitz-Henry (Treasurer), Taralyn Loewenguth (Chair), David Moxley, Tracy Anderson, Allison Spears

1. Call to Order: The Staff Council Retreat was called to Order at 9:03 am by Chair Taralyn Loewenguth. Quorum was present.

2. Minutes June 2009: June 2, 2009 minutes were approved as distributed.

3.  Budget

a. 2008-09: Kate has sent out a revised final budget due to adjustment in fringe expenses, a difference of $9.00 to our credit in the recognition award line.

b. Where is garage sale money housed? Kate will ask and locate to confirm current balance.

c. 2009-10 Budget tabled until further discussion about staff recognition award plaques.

  4. Staff Council's Role

a. Are we fulfilling our Mission to serve in an advisory capacity? Should we have monthly meetings with the President?

b. What is the role of ex-officio members? Invite them, encourage them to attend and continue to include them in all communications. Executive committee will draft and send an invitation.

c. Discussed representation on staff council in response to shift in cabinet membership, currently 6/6 split between divisional and at -large.

d. Revisit prior to elections in winter 2010 to confirm that all departments are represented.

 5. By Law Review

a. Where do staff council recognition awards duties fall within the committee structures?

i. Recommend that this duty be added to the nomination and elections committee. Revision to be reviewed and submitted for approved within by-law changes at September staff council meeting.

b. Discussed term length of divisional reps.

i. Revise to: "a divisional rep can serve no more than two terms consecutively". Revision will be reviewed and voted on at September meeting.

c. Student life references will be revised to reflect the new name of the division Student Affairs. It will be reviewed and voted on in Sept.

6.  Discussion and Review of Goals for 2008-09 and New Goals
set for 2009-10

a. What is the role of staff council?

i. Middle States was not aware of the professional development opportunities provided by staff council.

ii. Review of documents relating to staff by the human resources advisory board such as the performance evaluation form.

iii. These were all duties of past advisory boards. Do we desire to retain these duties or ask for participation?

b. The Middle States report will be reviewed with the President at the first meeting.

7. Goals for 09-10

a. Send out a review of last year's goals and a review of our efforts on behalf of the staff. What was accomplished and what will continue.

b. Additional goals recorded by Tara and included as addendum 1
and 2.

 8.  Committees

a. Council members will be solicited for their committee membership desires.

9. Feedback for next years' retreat was requested from Tara.

10. Meeting adjourned: The Retreat was adjourned by Chair Taralyn Loewenguth at 12:07 pm.