Minutes of HCSC Meeting: December 1, 2009

December Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2009

Present: Jane Bachman, Ann Carman, Lynda Clark, Alicia Fish, Kate Fitz-Henry, Tara Loewenguth, Emily Quackenbush, Allison Spears, Kathleen Traynor, Linda Wells

Also Present: Stephanie Brunetta, Shirley Georgia, Kim Noling, Judy Walsh

Meeting Called to order at 9:00 a.m.
Minutes from the November 3, 2009 meeting were previously approved electronically

Treasurer's Report:

12 01 2009 (pdf)

Old Business

- Effects on campus of ARAmark cuts in early September

o Mail issues

§ special parking areas being misused

§ problems unloading mail at buildings for those who have to drive- possible solution to designate one space per building for person responsible for mail

§ missing packages

§ mail delays affecting areas such as Institutional Advancement (gifts)

§ security issues during lunch hour, mail bins accessible but unattended

§ Employees using lunch hour to pick up mail

§ Cost effectiveness of having a full time mail person verses multiple employees spending up to 30 minutes or more each day retrieving mail

o Concerns over back log and lag in work orders, sometimes multiple requests required

- Effects of Staff cutbacks in January 2009

Discussion ensued regarding the effects of staff cutbacks and furloughs. Offices mentioned that seemed more heavily affected included Perella, Copy Center, Student Affairs and the Counseling Center. Other offices have been affected by vacant positions, such as the Office of Communications.

- Update on HCSC chair and vice-chair monthly meeting with President

o Received positive feedback from statement to President regarding communication and HCSC role. *Statement included under Committee Reports, Tara & Jane's Meeting With the President 11/23/09.

New Business

- Staff Survey

o Discussion was held on possibly developing a survey on HCSC

§ Could be tool used to guide HCSC's effectiveness

§ Suggestion made to gauge outcome of prior surveys on campus

- Middles States Study remarks regarding shared governance and role of HCSC were discussed. HCSC will be doing further research on shared governance versus an advisory body. The charge to determine the role of staff council will be addressed at the next meeting with the President.

- HCSC needs to be able to gauge the outcome of input given to the administration; lack of visible outcome could lead to apathy and the appearance of HCSC as just a pacifier.

- Lack of staff recognition - faculty are recognized at almost every function, such as the Conversations with the President, but staff are rarely mentioned.

- Suggestion made that people identify themselves when asking questions at the Conversations with the President

Committee Reports

Planning and Events Committee December Report

Meeting opened at 2PM on Friday November 13, 2009

Present: Kathleen Traynor, Dominique Thomas, Student Senate President, and Shirley Georgia.

We meet to invite students to join the Holiday Door Decorating Contest.

Dominique listened and had a few questions.

Senate was meeting the following day and Dom was going to ask for student input and ideas. We have not had gotten feedback yet after several inquiries. Our committee will proceed to get this year's contest moving.

CEMP Report 11/20/09

· The Z-Card Draft was reviewed.

· We decided not to include the Meeting Places on the Z-Card; instead, we'll include words in the Evacuation section that direct people to the web site for specific meeting place information, the back of individual room doors for evacuation routes/meeting places, and discussion during specific fire drills in their buildings.

· Linda Wells' suggestions were discussed and all approved as a way to condense the information.

· With the additional space we received from the condensing, it was suggested the map increase in size. The group agreed this was a good idea.

· The group began to wordsmith the document and got a fair amount done. Allison, Kathie Beach and Tom to meet separately to finish. (Allison & Kathie - I'm off next week - if you can get to it, that'd be great, if not we can meet the week of Nov 30th.)

· Additional ways to disseminate/publicize the response guide were discussed. Jen Moritz is working to get it on the Campus Safety and HR pages. If you think it should live elsewhere, please email the group.

· The group will be meeting bi-weekly at a standing meeting on Fridays at 11 am to noon. The next meeting is Dec 4th.

Tara & Jane's Meeting with the President 11/23/09

  • Further discussion on HCSC's role in communication pipeline

Response to HCSC statement

We've incorporated suggestions re formatting email w/ minutes attached to highlight important issues

HCSC is working on clarifying lines of communication back to staff; ad hoc committee (Jane, Alicia Fish, and Shirley Georgia) has been formed

MD felt that the statement did a good job clarifying HCSC's role

*Statement from HCSC:

When there is a policy change, Staff Council will serve as a secondary source of information dissemination to the Hartwick community through the publishing of minutes and information sharing which occurs between HCSC members and their constituents. However we do not feel that it is the place of the Hartwick College Staff Council to serve as the primary source of information sharing based on the purpose of the Hartwick College Staff Council stipulated in our by-laws. Specifically, the following is stated:

The HCSC purpose is to:

§ Facilitate communication between staff and the campus community.

§ Participate, assist, and advise in decision making processes that affect the staff's relationship with the larger College community, e.g. select staff representatives to serve on institutional task forces and committees when appropriate.

§ Present ideas that originate from the staff to the College President.

§ Foster a sense of community among our diverse population.

§ Make Hartwick College's educational community an efficient, fulfilling and attractive work environment.

§ Promote and advocate staff professionalism and support opportunities for the leadership development of the members

  • Morale was discussed at the last HCSC meeting; consensus was that it's not an overwhelming issue, but:

Those w/ negative things to say are sometimes those heard the most

Some employees feel that they have had much taken away

Some employees are afraid of change

Morale in the larger population is low, due to economy-not specific to HC

MD would like to know if there are staff that are overwhelmed by their workload as a result of the layoffs last January.

  • Holiday party feedback

MD was interested in feedback regarding crowding, cash bar/offering beer; she will think about both issues

  • Introduction of HCSC at conversation w/ president (send a list of HCSC members)

MD will introduce Tara & Jane, leaving it to us to make remarks and introduce members

  • Update on closing for holidays

The college will not completely close between Christmas & New Year's; however she has advised VPs to be open-minded re staffing of offices, and not require that offices remain open if there is a way they can be closed during this time.

Next meeting: January 5, 2010

Meeting adjourned at 10:02 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda A. Wells