Minutes of HCSC Meeting: February 2, 2010

February Meeting Minutes
February 2, 2010

Present: Tracy Anderson, Jane Bachman, Ann Carman, Alicia Fish, Kate Fitz-Henry, Tara Loewenguth, David Moxley, Emily Quackenbush, Allison Spears, Kathleen Traynor, Linda Wells

Also Present: Shirley Georgia, Deb Woodham

Meeting Called to order at 9:02 a.m.

January Minutes Approved and published electronically 1/14/2010

Treasurer’s Report: Download pdf document of Report
$41.95 not yet expended for pins from Planning and Events budget

A. Old Business

  • Reminder: New Parking Tags must be purchased by February 19th, 2010 (see below for details)
  • Staff Council Survey Discussion
    • How can staff council more effectively meet the needs of staff
    • Motion was made and approved to table survey for later discussion
  • Finalization of HCSC member responsibilities
    • Revised first sentence of item 5 regarding at-large responsibilities, voted on and approved (see document below)

B. New Business

  • Creation of Ad Hoc Committee for HCSC Internal Calendar Committee
    • Tara will chair, Shirley Georgia and Judy Walsh volunteered to assist
  • Re-clarify Committee Chair role with budgetary spending
    • Committee Chairs have ability to use funds as deemed necessary for committee functions
  • Nominations and Elections Committee is reviewing structure of divisions and will be reviewed at March meeting
  • Executive session was called and voting took place for Staff Recognition Awards

C. Committee Reports

  • Professional Development Committee – Workshop was held the last week of January and approximately 15 people participated. On February 22 a Hartwick alumnus will hold a workshop on estate planning and in March a workshop is being planned to provide skills to effectively self-advocate during communications with a supervisor.
  • Planning & Events Committee – see below
  • Nominations & Elections – reviewing division structure for upcoming elections
  • Personnel Committee – no report at this time
  • Executive Committee -
  • Meeting with the President – see below

Campus-Wide Committees

  • Emergency Management Committee – Zcards are in final stages of approval, work has begun on reviewing the emergency plan
  • Budget Advisory Committee – Feedback was requested from members on compensation and staffing concerns/issues
  • Environmental Issues Committee – No report at this time

Planning & Events Committee February Report
We received confirmation on January 13th that The President’s office will continue to sponsor the Mardi Gras lunch.

The committee met on January 22nd to make plans for Mardi Gras. Members present were Rachel Cobstill, Gladys Freeland, Kathleen Traynor, Gina Colone and I. It was decided we again will have the float contest hoping for more participation. Each member left with the chore of finding handouts to be donated by their departments. Plans are well under way. We have invited our reining “Queen,” Donna Cahill to draw this year’s king & queen. We have also asked HR to introduce new staff. Recognition awards will be presented by Jane Bachman. There will be “King Cakes” this year as requested by some staff.

Future ideas were discussed by the committee some being a Staff Craft Show, a book club and come fall a “real” tailgate party in conjunction with Athletics during a football or soccer game. I have asked the library staff for input and ideas related to a staff book club. Feedback and ideas are always welcome.

We also reminded ourselves we need to arrange for the Nursing Department to receive their tray of cookies at the beginning of spring semester as the Holiday Door winners.

Respectfully submitted, Shirley Georgia

January Meeting with the President 1/28/2010
On behalf of the staff, HCSC would like express our appreciation to President Drugovich and members of the Board of Trustees for raises commencing in December. Staff Council acknowledges efforts making the increases possible, particularly in light of the challenges faced by the college this year.

Feedback on Holiday party

The HSCS discussed effects of January 09 cuts (along with furloughs and unfilled positions).

  • Mail room/copy room—some feel that the quality of copying is suffering
    MD wants to know if this is a continuing problem
  • Student Affairs—work (e.g. for Awakenings program) must be absorbed by remaining staff
    Per MD, establishment of a new position has been approved
  • Perrella—Nursing staff seems overwhelmed, stays late on a regular basis; there is concern particularly about reductions in Counseling hours when demand for those services seems to be increasing
  • Communications—staff feels the lack of a director
    This position will be re-posted, with 7/1/10 the goal for filling it
  • CDE—a small staff will get smaller w/ departure of Melissa Marietta (maternity leave) in the spring
  • Staff who feel ‘overwhelmed’ are reluctant to meet w/ president about it (with no tenure/security, staff will be careful about what they bring forward)
    MD feels it’s important that all staff have the tools to discuss this with his/her supervisor, e.g. saying ‘help me to set priorities’. She proposed arranging a seminar re how to talk to your boss. We may want to explore whether it would be best to bring someone from outside HC to offer the seminar (i.e. a neutral party) or whether someone on campus could offer this seminar (someone in BUSA? John Clemens?). Human Recourses will also be approached to assist in sponsoring this program.

Effects of Aramark cuts were also discussed. Mail distribution is a big issue:

  • Building staff sometimes need to make multiple trips to Clark to pick up/drop off mail; some use their lunch hours. Those who have to pick up mail often have trouble parking near Clark (despite designated spots) and in the meantime can lose their original parking spot.
    • Suggested solutions: careful monitoring of designated spots near Clark (use of something similar to handicapped sign?); designated parking spaces closest to buildings whose staff need to drive to pick up mail (Johnstone, Binder, Golisano, Anderson—2 needed)
  • Per IA, mail was not sorted/available Monday-Friday of Thanksgiving week; BRE’s have ended up in a different department; there are concerns about security of mail in regards to BRE’s.
  • No mail was received by IA on (Tuesday or Wednesday?) before Christmas.
    Per MD, in her meeting with IA last week no one could confirm that mail was not delivered on some days. She said that concerns about security were raised, and they consider keeping BREs behind the counter
  • Stack of mail dated 9/15-10/1 did not arrive in OAR until 10/15
  • Problems w/ reliability w/ campus mail: DVD from media services never delivered to IA; petition for CAS was put into campus mail on Thursday and by next Tuesday it had not arrived.
  • UPS/Fed Ex deliveries are being misplaced and delayed, resulting in angry parents
    Ups/Fed EX should be notified if items are being mis-delivered.
  • Faculty should understand this new model, and take responsibility for being part of the solution MD will suggest that dept. chairs are advised of this
  • Is it feasible to revisit this position cut with facilities?
    Per MD, she will be meeting w/ VPs to ‘take stock’ of this situation.

In addition, some work orders are not being completed in a timely manner.

There was a discussion about the concerns HCSC Chair & Vice Chair bring to the president, and what the outcomes/effects are:

  • HCSC cites a continuing lack of acknowledgment of staff (Convocation, State of the College address, conversations with the president)
    Per MD, she has tried to remedy this situation in her speeches to the college. This issue was considered in putting together the Viewbook, and Harry Matthews was included as a representative of staff.
  • MD apologized for forgetting to introduce HCSC at the Conversations (and will put it on today’s agenda)
  • In November, the president requested feedback on the Holiday party and then released an announcement about it to the college within 48 hours of the request—hardly time to return feedback
  • Last year concerns about a policy/grievance process in regards to verbal harassment were brought to the president; how is this going forward?
    Per MD, she was hoping that this would not be necessary; we confirmed that it still is. We suggested a communication from her to the campus community about the need for respect & civility in our communication with each other, in hand with establishment of a grievance process would be helpful. She will bring this up in Cabinet.
    MD does not feel that a simple communication/statement of policy will be very effective—she feels that the offenders need to be identified and confronted—either by the person they are harassing or a supervisor.

Effective January 1, 2010, the current parking decal (2006 – 2009) issued to Hartwick College faculty and staff will expire. The new faculty and staff parking decal will be valid from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2012. The cost of this parking decal is $50. The fee is not refundable if an employee leaves College service within the valid period of the decal. Faculty and Staff with a 2006 - 2009 parking decal on their vehicle have until the end of the first week of the Spring Semester (February 19, 2009) to acquire the new parking decal.


  • Download a 2010-2012 Staff Vehicle Registration Form from the College website: http://www.hartwick.edu/Documents/HCMVR10frmStaff.pdf http://www.hartwick.edu/x3206.xml
  • Complete Form.
    • Make a copy of your vehicle registration AND drivers license and attach to Form.
  • Payment Options
    • Use WickIt card at Campus Safety office, OR,
    • By Mail or In-Person, pay $50 to the cashier’s office, Bresee Hall, 2nd floor. (cash or US check only.)
    • For both options, remember to bring or send completed Form and copies of vehicle registration and license. (If payment was made at Cashiers Office, please remember to attach a copy of the receipt as well.)
  • If you use the WickIt card payment option at the Campus Safety office, you may complete the entire registration and payment process at one time. Online transfer from credit card is available with Wickit use option.
  • If you choose to make payment at the Cashier’s Office, to save you time, you may leave, or send through intercampus mail, the necessary completed documentation with the cashier’s office, and the info will be sent to Campus Safety for processing. The parking decal will be sent to your office through Inter-Campus mail. Please be certain to identify your department and building for campus intra mailing.

Each faculty and staff member will be permitted to register a second vehicle and receive a parking decal at no additional fee. The exceptions to this are:

  • Two employees of the College in one household
  • One employee and one student attending the College in one household

For the above exceptions, an additional $50 fee will be charged for the second vehicle. The reason for this is simple; the College charges for the use of a parking space. If two vehicles are likely to be on the campus at the same time, as in the above exceptions, two fees are charged.

HCSC members are expected to become informed about and remain aware of current college issues, especially those relating to staff. They are expected to relay appropriate information from HCSC meetings to associates, solicit input and feedback from them, and share this (as appropriate) with members of the HCSC.

  1. HCSC members are required to participate in at least 7 Staff Council meetings each academic year.
  2. HCSC members must serve on at least one standing committee.
  3. HCSC members will actively participate in HCSC-sponsored activities.
  4. HCSC members will represent staff in the office/division which elected then. When appropriate, they will voice the concerns of their constituency, and bring news of HCSC discussion and actions back to them.
  5. At-large representatives represent the entire Hartwick College community, and are not limited to reporting to any particular division or office. At the start of each academic year HCSC will review the segments of campus represented by current members. At that point, at-large representatives may be asked to communicate to a segment of the HC community, to ensure that staff in all areas of the campus will receive HCSC updates and reports.

Next meeting is March 2, 2010
Meeting was adjourned at 9:53 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda A. Wells