Minutes of HCSC Meeting: March 2, 2010


March Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2010

Present: Tracy Anderson, Jane Bachman, Ann Carman, Lynda Clark, Alicia Fish, Kate Fitz-Henry, Tara Loewenguth, David Moxley, Emily Quackenbush, Allison Spears, Linda Wells

Also Present: Mike Haehnel

Meeting Called to order at 9:05 a.m.


February Minutes Approved and published electronically 2/13/2010

Treasurer's Report: 
The layout of report has been revised to group budget items for clearer picture. Treasurer has been contacted regarding the Z-cards from the CEMP committee to make sure funds still available as they are getting ready to place order.

A. Old Business-
· Organizational Structure Recommendations from Nominations Committee

1.) Reviewed current structure,
5 VP lines with 6th division encompassing IT, IR and Marketing & Communications - tabled for discussion at next meeting

2.)  Mail issues
o Faculty secretaries were contacted to determine if they were having difficulties with cooperation from department members based on previous feedback and one more secretary responded that they were experiencing difficulties.
o VP for Academic Affairs has requested meeting with Chair & Vice-Chair of HCSC to address issues.
o One faculty secretary reported increased cooperation after meeting with department and being able to voice concerns. Individuals responsible for mail need to communicate needs and expectations to department members.
o Need to address back-up for individuals responsible for mail to accommodate vacations and illnesses.
o Still have issues with overnight and specialty packages that process through central receiving.

B. New Business

1.) Nominations proceedures for HCSC Elections
o 3 divisional representative positions need to be chosen by divisions by 3/15; IA, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs divisions will be notified
o By April 1st at-large elections will be held for 1 exempt and 2 non-exempt positions

2.) Discussion about computer back-up proceedures across campus
o Staff Council feels that each staff member should make themselves more aware of ways in which they can back up documents so to avoid challenges that may occur if their personal computer crashes and recommends they look at how their department, office or division are preparing should a crash occur. There are three main options listed below that could assist in these discussions. Each of these ways could prove valuable and could assist in preventing loss of essential documentation that may be essential in our day-to-day activities.

1. External hard drives - contact IT to purchase one

2. Shared drive - Contact Jack Sienkiewicz for more information about set up

3. Personal "M" drive - backs up to the server; contact IT for more information

3.) Hartwick College Events Calendar Discussion
o On-line tool that should engage audiences
1. Donor Relations had difficulty in identifying appropriate events to include in calendar
2. Faculty have also had issues with Events Calendar
3. Numerous sub-calendars exist and are managed by different departments
4. Difficult to determine what is happening when
5. Need consistency of use and presentation
6. All events should be on main calendar
7. Research needs to be done on who owns and maintains different aspects of calendar and if there are options available that are not being utilized

4.) Review of Committee Chairs responsibilities for budget
o All budget requests should be in writing
o Voted on by staff council o May need clarification of budget controls in by-laws
o Motion made to table for future discussion

C.) Committee Reports

 Professional Development Committee - No Report ·
Planning & Events Committee - See Below
Nominations & Elections - See Below ·
Personnel Committee - No Report ·
Executive Committee - See Below ·
Meeting with the President - See Below

Campus-wide Committees

Emergency Management Committee - No Report ·
Budget Advisory Committee - No Report ·
Environmental Issues Committee - No Report

Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad-Hoc Internal Calendar Committee - See Below ·
Ad-Hoc Responsibilities of HCSC Members - move to disband

Planning and Events Committee March Report
The 4th annual Mardi Gras was held Feb.12th. Attendance was good and we had enough prizes for all but 6 in attendance. Thanks to all our donors. The President donated this year's royal couple, Emily Quackenbush and Harry Matthews Bradshaw Stella Luna Gift certificates, a nice surprise. Donna Cahill gave her successor a few tips. I happened to overhear one, "keep your crown in your desk and on really bad days wear it. It helps." Tony Avanzato, donated a gift certificate when he found out what the President's were for. Thank you to Stella Luna. New staff was introduced and Staff Recognition awards were presented. Our winners were Lynnette Hitchcock, customer service and Chris Utter, team player. Congratulations ladies.
We are still waiting to hear from the President's office for approval on the March Staff Craft Show. Now that the spring Board meetings are over, I'll follow up with her office. We also need to follow up with the library for the feedback on a book club.
Cookies were delivered to the Nursing Department for winning the Door Decorating contest. Thank you to Anne Moriarty for being the delivery service.

Respectfully submitted,
Shirley Georgia
Planning & Events Committee Chairperson

2/24/10 Nominations & Elections meeting
Present: Rachel Cobstill, Jane Bachman
This meeting was called after it was pointed out that currently IT reports to Academic Affairs. This reporting line differs from the one in place when the HCSC by-laws were created, and given this change, the committee feels that discussion about a re-alignment of representatives is warranted. As the re-alignment could involve a change in the number of representatives-and if, so, a change in the by-laws-we feel that this discussion needs to take place among the entire HCSC in the coming months.
Since the term for representative for IT/IR runs until 2011 (and is a seat that may well be re-evaluated), the committee recommends that divisional elections go forward in March under the current structure. A decision on re-alignment should be in place by the 2011 elections.

Jane Bachman

2/9/10 Nominations & Election Committee meeting
Present: David Moxley, Jane Bachman
In preparation for the upcoming elections, we reviewed the organizational chart and discussed the current representation structure for the HCSC. We plan to confirm/clarify at our next HCSC meeting whether the Marketing & Communications and IT representation is adequate. Although some representatives are responsible for reporting to a large segment of staff (the Student Affairs rep, for example), reporting back to a division can be as simple as creating a distribution list for all appropriate staff, and sending an email each month. For that reason we do not recommend a re-organization of the representational structure (with the possible exception of Marketing & IT, as mentioned above). In the case of Student Affairs-which includes all of Athletics-it was suggested that emails might be sent to the AD, and she in turn could forward the information to her staff (as she will have the most current information regarding the coaching staff). We do recommend giving each representative an organizational chart upon election to the HCSC, so that each rep has a clear idea of to whom s/he is responsible to communicate. The following HCSC seats will be up for election next month: Divisional reps: Institutional Advancement, Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management. One exempt at-large rep and 2 non-exempt at-large reps.

Jane Bachman

Hartwick College Staff Council
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2010
Present: Tara Loewenguth, Jane Bachman, Linda Wells, Kate Fitz-Henry

Call to Order:
Tara called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.
Goal of this meeting would be to review possible agenda items and establish agenda for March 2, 2010 meeting.

Agenda items:
- Standard agenda will be used as no new items added to shared document
- President's update
- Old Business - Nominations Committee to discuss HCSC organizational structure recommendation
- New Business:

o Nominations procedure for new representative elections
o Backing up your documents

-Committee Reports


Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m. The next Staff Council Meeting will be on March 2,2010

Ad-Hoc Internal Calendar Committee meeting 3/1/10
Present: Shirley Georgia, Judy Walsh, Taralyn Loewenguth

Per a goal developed from the HCSC Retreat in August, an Ad-Hoc committee was created to develop an Internal Calendar to be passed on to the executive committee as well as other committee chairs to assist HCSC in remaining consistent from year to year with relation to planning events and carrying out normal business.
At the meeting we looked at an actual calendar and began to put items onto the calendar as they are supposed to occur in each calendar year. We also identified other people on campus who we intend to reach out to with a request to preview the draft document before it is submitted to HCSC for final approval. Those identified have held positions within the HCSC such as Chair, Co-Chair and committee chairpersons from previous years. We have not reached out to anyone yet, and therefore will not include names within the HCSC minutes until we know that they have agreed to assist.
The document will be disseminated electronically for review by all parties. We hope is to have the final proposed Internal Calendar for the next staff council meeting in April.

Taralyn Loewenguth

February Meeting with the President cancelled due to inclement weather

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.

Next meeting will be held April 6, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda A. Wells