Minutes of HCSC Meeting: November 3, 2009

Hartwick College Staff Council
November Meeting Minutes
November 03, 2009

Present: Tracy Anderson, Jane Bachman, Ann Carman, Alicia Fish, Kate Fitz-Henry, Tara Loewenguth, Dave Moxley, Allison Spears, Kathleen Traynor, Linda Wells

Also Present: Shirley Georgia, Chris Hughes, Kim Noling, Frank Werdann, Deb Woodham.

Meeting Called to order at 9:02 a.m.

Minutes from the October 6, 2009 meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report:
Balance: $1,440.94

Old Business:

New Business:

  • OrganicGarden- being created below Laura's, students will be maintaining during the academic year but will need summer care. Interested parties should contact Brian Hagenbuch, Molly Harper or Madeleine Jayson.
  • Visibility of Staff and their accomplishments to greater Hartwick community - encourage staff to share accomplishments (ex. Conference attendance, presentations) through resources such as Tower Times.
  • Ad-Hoc Committeeto establish Staff Council membership expectations
    • Jane Bachman - Chair
    • Alicia Fish and Shirley Georgia members
  • Electronic Approval Process- meeting minutes
    • Discussion was held on approval of Retreat and two September meeting minutes and process going forward
    • Recommendation that minutes be approved electronically by HCSC, posted to website and notification to campus community of minutes within two weeks of regular monthly meeting.
    • Timeline:
      • 1st draft of minutes to be sent to HCSC members
      • Corrections and/or additions to be sent to secretary, reply to sender only, within 48 hours of receipt of 1st draft
      • 2nd draft to be sent to HCSC members after corrections for electronic approval by all HCSC members with deadline
      • Approved minutes posted to Hartwick website
      • E-mail notification to all staff with bullet points of minutes and link to Hartwick website
    • Motion was made and approved to use electronic approval process as outlined
    • Will review for possible addition to by-laws
  • President's updatefrom 10/19/09 meeting
    • Discussed purpose of old Human Resource Advisory Board
    • Pipeline of communication
      • Differs for at-large versus division representatives
    • Expectations of HCSC
      • The President feels HCSC should disseminate important information to staff
      • Comment was made that by HCSC being the sole source of important information it implies HCSC has had input when that is typically not the case
      • Discussion was held on the Mission of HCSC to be an advisory to the President, to bring forth ideas/concerns from the staff to the administration
      • General consensus was that items such as policy changes should come from administration and HCSC would support the dissemination of information
      • A formal response to the President will be drafted
    • President suggested HCSC conduct some form of survey to determine its effectiveness
    • Discussion was held on closing the college between Christmas and New Years; has been suggested from several areas; not feasible for some offices; research being done to determine effectiveness in saving energy
    • Campus morale was discussed, not overwhelming at Hartwick, global problem
    • President asked for feedback on holding Holiday Party at Thornwood again
      • Concerns were raised on capacity, safety issues, parking
      • Warmer, more festive atmosphere than Stack Lounge
      • May have better attendance if on campus during weekday
  • Effects on campus of ARAmark cuts in early September
    • Visible consequences on campus
    • Communication issues - scheduling
    • Mail delivery - special parking areas being misused

Committee Reports:

  • Planning and Events - Shirley Georgia
    • Hope you were able to join us Tuesday the 27th of October for the third Annual Tail Gate lunch. We thank President Drugovich for sponsoring the lunch and although attendance was down slightly good food and a good time was had by all. Out thanks go out to IA for their donations for door prizes as well as Lou Lansing who made a donation of a volleyball. I would like to thank Kate Kreisher for the donation of a very special prize.We were given a proof from her collection "Sense of Self" that is currently showing at Canajoharie. Congratulations and thank you, Kate.
    • If anyone or any office, group or club has "stuff" hanging around that would make good hand outs as door prizes there is always a next event.These "little" as they may seem things are great for staff morale and great fun to share. Contact me, I'll come get them and store them until we can use them.
    • We are currently working on ideas for an event that we would enjoy with the students.We'll update everyone as to how you can share the fun once we get further along with the project.Also before we know it the Holiday Season will be here and with it comes the "Door Decorating Contest."Get your ideas ready for more participation.Also I hope this year to use student judges.Maybe your student workers want to get involved. Unfortunately students cannot decorate dorm doors due to fire codes.
    • Gina Colone has joined the committee
    • Asked those present to remind faculty they are invited to join functions such as the tail-gate luncheon
  • Professional Development
    • November 17th 1-2 pm Reenergize: How to Balance Life & Work from your Desk"
    • Discussed importance of HCSC members to support/attend programs and workshops if possible
  • Nominations and Elections
    • Election held - Emily Quackenbush elected new at-large representative
  • Personnel Committee
    • No report
  • Campus-Wide Committees
    • Budget Advisory Committee - No longer meeting 10/27/09 per Melissa Allen
    • Emergency Management Committee
      • still in the process of reviewing vendor information regarding layout and style of fold-up emergency cards
    • Environmental Issues Committee - No Report at this time
    • Retention Task Force - Task Force disbanded

Next meeting: December 1, 2009
Meeting adjourned at 10:06 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda A. Wells