Minutes of HCSC Meeting: October 6, 2009


October Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2009

Present: Jane Bachman, Ann Carmen, Lynda Clark, Alicia Fish, Kate Fitz-Henry, Tara Loewenguth, Dave Moxley, Kathleen Traynor, Linda Wells

Also Present: Kay Amatucci, Mike Haehnel, Kim Noling, Frank Werdann, Deb Woodham

Meeting Called to order at 9:00 a.m.


Minutes from the September meeting should be completed by Wednesday, October 7, 2009 and will be presented for approval at the November meeting.

Treasurer's Report:

There was a duplicate charge from ARAMark due to the change in dates of the Retreat that will be corrected.

budget detail 10 06 2009  (pdf)

Old Business:

2009 -2010 Staff Council Goals

  • During August retreat HCSC reviewed 2008-2009 goals to recognize ones accomplished and to set new goals for 2009-10
  • Continuing goals and new goals were reviewed
  • Motion was passed to accept new goals as written for 2009-2010

New Business:

Parking Stickers for Faculty/Staff

- Feedback from across campus included:

  • Ordering and receiving stickers through campus mail
  • Wick-it card not active for all faculty/staff
  • Ticketing for illegal parking should be continuous throughout day
  • No incentive for infrequent drivers, pay the same & may only park on campus a couple of times a month
  • Adjuncts may only be here one year but pay for three
  • Guest parking - special passes may be available through Security It was decided further outreach would be made to Tom Kelly in Security regarding these issues/concerns.
    It was decided further outreach would be made to Tom Kelly in Security regarding these issues/concerns.

President's Report

  •  Meetings will take place the fourth week of each month
  •  Concerns were discussed on schedule of Conversations for 2009-10, all at the same time; President explained time was determined based on when the least amount of classes were scheduled to encourage more student attendance as well as faculty and staff. 
          o It was suggested that there be an agenda for future Conversations
  •  Revisited concern about those not able to attend Conversations and having some documentation available for them; suggestions included email, audio or password protected on Blackboard. President raised concern that it may decrease attendance and could result in misinterpretations of information but is willing to consider possibly a delayed format.
  •  President was asked what roles VP's were taking in assuring staff are able to use their accrued vacation before deadlines as there is much concern among staff. President assures us that the VP's will work with staff in planning to assure no one loses vacation.
         o Key items that need to be addressed with regards to vacation include fear of losing value and the old mind set of having to carry over a year's vacation. It was decided that further discussion would take place at the November meeting in order to put together communication in support of staff taking their vacation.
  •  In an effort to strengthen Staff Council presence the President will introduce them at the November Conversation. Discussion followed on shared governance and that HCSC serves more of a conduit role. Key questions for HCSC are: how do we see ourselves communicating with the Hartwick community and how can we benefit the campus.

Rain Garden Dedication

  • Dedication had to be moved to Frisbee Field under the tent due to the weather
  • All 3 of President Arnold's grandchildren were in attendance
  • Plaque will be placed on boulder along brick walkway
  • Time capsule was opened


  • At-large election will take place within next couple of weeks to fill vacancy due to resignation from HCSC of Ray Cesnavicius
  • Election was held to fill secretary position; Linda Wells was elected

Meeting/Committee Reports: 

Professional Development Committee -Lynda Clark, Chair - No report at this time

Planning & Events Committee -Shirley Georgia, Chair - No report at this time

Nominations & Elections -Jane Bachman, Chair - No report at this time

Personnel Committee -Linda Wells, Chair - No report at this time -

Campus-Wide Committees

Budget Advisory Committee - No report at this time

Emergency Management Committee - No report at this time

Environmental Issues Committee - No Report at this time

Retention Task Force - No Report at this time

HCSC next meeting: November 3, 2009
Meeting adjourned 9:50 a.m.
Respectfully Submitted
Linda Wells