Minutes of HCSC Meeting September 1, 2009

Staff Council Meeting

September 1st 2009

Members present: Linda Wells, Jane Bachman, Ray Cesnavicius, Dave Moxley, Tara Loewenguth (chair), Kathleen Traynor, Ann Carman, Alicia Fish, Lynda Clark, Kate Fitz-Henry, Allison Spears

Also present: Mike Haehnel, Rick Accordino (Ex-officio)

Guests: Tom Kelly, Director of Campus Safety and Suzanne Janitz, Director of HR

1. Call to order at 9:03 am

2. Minutes: minutes from SC Retreat (8/26/09) are not available yet for review.

3. Treasurer's report (attach)

4. Election of officers-Secretary for 09-10.

Ray Cesnavicius was nominated for this position and elected unanimously.

5. Old Business:

Shirley Georgia has agreed to be the HCSC liaison to the Academic Theme Committee.

6. New Business:

Suzanne Janitz was present to speak about changes to the college vacation policy and changes to the policy related to when an employee separates from the college. Per Suzanne, these changes, a result of a fairly recent administrative decision, were posted on the web site prior to the meeting. The following was discussed:

Effective September 1, 2009, all employees are now required to give written notice prior to their resignation from the college (exempt employees must give 1 month notification; non-exempt two weeks). Without adequate written notice, employees will not be paid for their outstanding vacation time. Only employees who have worked at HC for at least one calendar year (whether they have 10, 11 or 12 month contracts) are eligible to be paid for vacation time. Employees who work less than one year or are terminated for cause will not be paid any vacation time. Per Suzanne, this policy change was posted on the website by Human Resources prior to the date of this meeting and can be viewed at http://www.hartwick.edu/x26812.xml

Current employees who give adequate notice before leaving will be paid for up to one (1) year of vacation time; new hires effective 9/1/09 will be paid for a maximum of 2 weeks of vacation time. Employees cannot use vacation time in lieu of working for the period of notice (i.e. if you give 5 weeks notice, you are not able to take 4 weeks of vacation during that 5 week period, even if you have that much vacation time accrued).

Suzanne reiterated that all staff must whittle down their vacation hours to a maximum of one year's vacation by July 1, 2011. She clarified that if the banked vacation time is not used up and a portion of the current year's vacation time has not been used in the current fiscal year, staff will not continue to accrue additional vacation time after July 1, 2010-as the maximum vacation hours allowed will remain at one (1) year. For specific hour breakdown related to vacation time, see the Vacation Policy which can be viewed at the following link: http://www.hartwick.edu/x26812.xml. It was suggested to Suzanne that an email notification from the Office of Human Resources outlining these changes would ensure that all staff are aware of these changes.

Suzanne indicated that there will continue to be a lag in posting vacation time-but that staff should feel free to contact HR for current vacation accrual status. Suggestions were made regarding reporting vacation time via email rather than paper, or doing it via Datatel. Per Mike Haehnel, there are serious problems with the Datatel program designed to report vacation time.

The Staff Council thanked Suzanne for attending.

Tom Kelly was present to speak about changes in the parking permits. He started by thanking HCSC for their donation to the Campus Emergency Management Plan.

All students will be charged $50 for a one-year parking decal (previously freshmen, sophomores & juniors were assessed the fee).

Starting January 1 (and following the calendar year), faculty and staff will be assessed a $50 fee for a 3-year parking decal. Payment may be made to the cashier, in which case a receipt will be carried to Campus Safety for the decal; payment may also be made at Campus Safety with the Wickit card.

Issues that are under consideration: not charging for a family's second car (assuming that only one will be on campus at any time-since payment is for one parking space); can there be a payroll deduction for the permit fee for faculty and staff?; visitor passes for those who are here only occasionally.

Tom said that there is now 15-minute parking for mail pick up behind Clark. Discussion followed regarding the possibility of creating one space close to each building for the department secretaries who transport the mail.

Staff Council thanked Tom for attending.

Proposed changes to the HCSC By-laws (as follows) were tabled until the 9/15/09 meeting

Hartwick College Staff Council By-Laws proposed changes - September 2009

Throughout Entire Document

Proposal: Change the wording Student Life to Student Affairs to reflect office name change throughout document.

Under Membership section E.3.

Proposal: Length of term on HCSC: All appointments are two years in length. At Large members can run for re-election at the end of their term. Divisional members cannot serve their division for more than two (2) terms consecutively, but can be generally elected for another term.

(Original wording: Divisional members cannot serve their division for a second term consecutively, but can be generally elected for another term.)

Under Standing Committees - Nomination & Elections Committee

Proposal: Nomination & Elections Committee: Conducts nominations and elections for HCSC positions including written notification of election procedures and deadlines; validates election results; determines and reviews representation of employee groups with the approval of the HCSC. The committee is also responsible for staff recognition awards process including the updating of recognition plaques.

Tara reminded members to send her their preferences for committees by Monday, September 14, 2009.

It was moved and accepted that Staff Council schedule a secondary meeting in September (9/15) to address the rest of the agenda.

Meeting adjourned