Minutes of Meeting September 15, 2009


September Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2009

Present: Tara Loewenguth, Jane Bachman, Linda Wells, Kathleen Traynor, Alicia Fish, Allison Spears, Dave Moxley, Ann Carman, Tracey Anderson, Lynda Clarke, Kim Noling

Meeting Called to order at 9:00 a.m.

- This meeting will serve as a continuation of the 9/2 meeting in order to discuss issues unable to be dealt with at first meeting due to time constraints

  • By-Laws change
  • Committee Elections
  • H1N1 Virus Preparedness on campus
  • Vacation policy changes
  • Meeting with the President

By-Laws: The following by law changes were voted on and approved by staff council:

- Wording change from "Student Life office" to "Student Affairs office" made.

- Wording change to allow division members to serve a 2nd term passed

- Committee responsibilities changed: Nominations and Elections committee will now be responsible for all duties included in the preparation and awarding of Staff Recognition awards

- By-Laws can be viewed at x897.xml

Committee Reports:

Professional Development:

- $130 from committee budget was put toward assisting employees to attend the HR Seminar

Planning and Events Committee:

- Proposed dates for the Planning & Events Committee activities have been calendared. The Committee is awaiting approval from the President's office

Staff Council Shared Drive:

- Everyone has access to the sign-up sheet for issues to be added to the next Council meeting agenda. All are encouraged to add items.

- Agenda items and information will still be distributed to members before discussion at the next meeting

Vacation Policy Changes:

- Policy was clarified for those employees not on a 12 month contract. For example: an employee on a 10 month per year appointment is eligible for payment of vacation time only if they have completed one full calendar year of their employment term

- An addendum should be added on email distribution of Staff Council meeting minutes to campus at large to direct all employees to the HR page of the web site for a full review of the new policy

- Jane & Tara will email HR that staff council feels an email directing employees to the web site should come from HR as well.

H1N1 Campus Preparedness:

- An email was sent to the campus at large from Meg Nowak to address flu prevention and awareness on campus.

- In light of a recent death of a student on the Cornell campus, the college is stressing to all departments and staff the need for best practices in hygiene and cleanliness

- Is there a possibility for a forum to address concerns from the campus at large about the H1N1 vaccine and its availability? Jane Bachman will send an email to Perella

- All offices on campus will be encouraged to purchase or include hand sanitizers in each of their offices and departments. Purchase of the sanitizing products should be made from the department's budget.

Conversation with the President:

- All of the conversations are scheduled on the same day of the week and the same time; some employees are finding it difficult to attend any or all of these appointments

- The conversation with the President meetings should be available in some other form (video if possible that can be password protected on Blackboard) or have minutes from the meetings distributed to the campus at large so that those who are not able to attend can know what was discussed

- The issue of vacation time usage and support for those who have surplus time to use was raised to be discussed with the President

Committee Elections:

- Members first choice committee service selections were not always able to be accommodated

- Professional Development members: Alicia Fish, Tara Loewenguth, Lynda Clarke

o Lynda Clarke, Chair

o Planning & Events members: Shirley Georgia, Kathleen Traynor, Tracey Anderson

o Shirley Georgia, Chair (continuing)

o Nominations & Elections members: Jane Bachman, Dave Moxley, Ray Cesnavicus

o Jane Bachman, Chair

o Personnel members: Linda Wells, Ann Carman, Kate Fitz-Henry

o Linda Wells, Chair

o Web content management: Allison Spears

o An email will be sent out to committee members and chairs. All members should encourage participation within their departments

Meeting adjourned 9:50 a.m.


Kathleen Traynor