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Staff Council By Laws

Hartwick College Staff Council (revised 9/15/2009)
The organization that represents all Hartwick College staff shall be named the Hartwick College Staff Council, commonly known as HCSC.

Staff Members are defined as the following:

  • Regular full-time or part-time
  • Exempt or non-exempt
  • Employees holding positions below the Presidential Cabinet level
  • Employees who are not otherwise defined as primarily faculty or students

The Hartwick College Staff Council's mission is to serve in an advisory capacity to the President and Cabinet in matters pertaining to the interests and needs of the staff with regard to their daily activities and work conditions as they strive to support the College's goal of quality liberal arts education.

The HCSC purpose is to:

  • Facilitate communication between staff and the campus community.
  • Participate, assist, and advise in decision making processes that affect the staff's relationship with the larger College community, e.g. select staff representatives to serve on institutional task forces and committees when appropriate.
  • Present ideas that originate from the staff to the College President.
  • Foster a sense of community among our diverse population.
  • Make Hartwick College's educational community an efficient, fulfilling and attractive work environment.
  • Promote and advocate staff professionalism and support opportunities for the leadership development of its members.

Every staff person directly employed by Hartwick College is represented by a member on the HCSC. Each staff person is eligible to serve on the HCSC, pending nomination and approval from their respective division. The division elections will occur in March if their representative’s term is ending.

All staff members are welcome to attend HCSC meetings.


A. The HCSC is composed of twelve elected members.

B. Each division represented by the Cabinet Officers will appoint one representative. Those divisions being:

1. Academic Affairs
2. Student Affairs
3. Enrollment Management
4. College Advancement
5. Institutional Research and the President's Office
6. Finance

Division Elections will be held no later than March 15.

C. Six members will be elected at large, with three being exempt and three being non-exempt staff members.

D. The twelve elected members will elect a Chair among themselves resulting in eleven voting members and a non-voting chair. Ex officio, non-voting, members of the Council will be the College President and one representative from each of the following: Human Resources, Dining Services, Facilities, Faculty and the Student Body.

E. The elected term of Council members will be two years. At least five, no more than seven, elected members' terms will expire each year.

1. HCSC Elections will be held no later than April 1.

2. Terms of office for Council members shall be June 1 through May 31.

3. Length of term on HCSC: All appointments are two years in length. At Large members can run for re-election at the end of their term. Divisional members cannot serve their division for more than two (2) terms consecutively, and can be generally elected for another term.

4. General Vacancies: If a position on the HCSC becomes open prior to January, a special election will be held to fill the vacancy. If the opening occurs after January, the position will be filled during the March election.

See Appendix A for election timeline.

F. The Council shall meet a minimum of ten times per year.

G. A quorum is required for conduct of business. A quorum shall consist of a six (6) voting members being present.  Eight (8) members must be present to vote on changes to the By-laws or to remove members from Staff Council.

H. HCSC members are required to attend a minimum of 7 meetings per cycle. In March, the Nominations & Elections Committee shall review attendance for the current cycle. For HCSC members in their first term who are deemed not to have met the attendance requirement, their seat shall become open during spring elections.

Elected Officers

The Chair presides over the meetings of the HCSC and the Executive Committee and submits an annual report to the President of the College. In the absence of the Chair, or at the Chair's direction, the Vice Chair acts as Chair.

Vice Chair:
The Vice Chair serves in various capacities at the direction of the Chair and supervises all elections and votes of HCSC.

The Secretary records the minutes of the meetings, maintains the current list of members, coordinates the logistics of the meetings, and sends correspondence at the direction of the Chair.

The Treasurer oversees the finances under the control of the HCSC, reports on the finances monthly, and submits a yearly operating budget to the Council Chair.

Budget Requests: Requests for expenditures shall be provided to the HCSC in writing. The written request will be distributed to the appropriate committee by the Council Chair. The committee chair is responsible for outlining the details of the proposal, including a budget. HCSC will then vote on the proposal.

Election of Officers
The officers of the council are elected from the current membership of the HCSC. The elected officers are the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The selection of the Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be decided by majority vote. Election of officers is to be held by secret ballot in June of each calendar year where the process is overseen by the previous year’s Vice Chair.

A person may not simultaneously hold more than one of the offices named above.

Vacancies in any elected office will be filled for the balance of the term by any HCSC member chosen by a majority vote by all members of HCSC at the meeting immediately following the notice of resignation.

The terms for elected positions are one year and will commence or expire at the beginning of the June HCSC Meeting. (Year=June 1- May 31)


Committee Membership:
Each standing committee will have a membership composed of staff members willing to serve.  Each standing committee shall include a current HCSC member who shall serve as a liason to HCSC. Each standing committee appoint among the committee membership; this may or may not be an HCSC member.  At its next regularly scheduled meeting after elections are completed (July), each committee will elect a Chair and Secretary.

Committee Chairs shall be responsible for:

  • establishing Committee meeting times;
  • setting Committee meeting agendas;
  • conducting Committee meetings;
  • serving as a conduit for communication between the Committee and other HCSC Committees as well as between the Committee and HCSC;
  • presenting committee activity reports at HCSC meetings, either verbal or written.
  • ensuring that activities and events that the committee plans are ratified by the HCSC prior to being scheduled.

HCSC Liaison shall be responsible for:

  • ensuring the committee abides by HCSC by-laws
  • assisting the chair in ensuring all funding and scheduling is pre-approved by Council.

Committee Guidelines:

  • HCSC Committees shall meet at least once each semester. Additional meetings of the HCSC Committees may be called by the Committee Chair, the Chair of the HCSC or by petition of at least one-third of the committee members.
  • A quorum of an HCSC Committee shall consist of two-thirds of the committee members. Motions shall require a quorum to be present, and will be decided by a majority vote.
  • Each committee shall provide a written activity report to the HCSC each semester. Committee proposals/recommendations must be submitted to the HCSC.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee:
Composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, the Committee shall prepare the agenda for meetings; make decisions requiring immediate action when a quorum of representatives cannot be assembled; and resolve conflicts of jurisdiction between committees.

Nomination & Elections Committee:
Conducts nominations and elections for HCSC positions including written notification of election procedures and deadlines; validates election results; determines and reviews representation of employee groups with the approval of the HCSC.  The committee is also responsible for staff recognition awards process including the updating of recognition plaques.

Professional Development Committee:
Promotes and advocates staff professionalism and supports opportunities for leadership development of its members. A representative from the Office of Human Resources shall serve as an ex officio member.

Planning and Events Committee:
Facilitates all internal and external events sponsored by the HCSC.

Personnel Committee:
Communicates job-related issues and concerns. A representative from the Office of Human Resources shall serve as an ex officio member.

Ad Hoc committees shall be formed when deemed necessary by the HCSC.

Appendix A: Election Timeline



March Division Elections
April At Large Elections
May End of Term for Elected Members
June Beginning of Term for Elected Members
  Officer Elections
July New Members Select Committees
  Committee Chairs / Secretaries Chosen