Event Promotion Request

Event promotion information should be provided to the Office of Marketing & Communications at least three weeks in advance of the event date. To post an event on the calendar for inclusion in Hartwick Happenings, email scheduling@hartwick.edu. Please note that the Office of Marketing & Communications does not reserve event space nor book catering services. To reserve a location for your event, complete the online Facility & Event Reservation Request Form. Visit the College's Dining Services web page for information about catering services.

Information Required for Event Promotion:

Contact person for the event:
First name:
Last name:
Contact person's title or class year:
Department, office, club, team, etc. affiliated with/hosting/sponsoring the event:
Title of the event:
Event location:
Event date:
Event time:
Detailed description of event:
Admission fee (if none, enter 'none'):
Open to the public? Yes No
Professional or scholarly associations with project:
Unique or special information/facts available surrounding the event:
Related to the academic theme? Yes No

The seven Hartwick organizing principles include

  1. Maximize Financial Performance
  2. Improve Student Experience and Satisfaction
  3. Expand our Financial Base
  4. Improve College's Image and Reputation
  5. Maximize Employee Performance
  6. Maximize College Governance
  7. Maximize the Academic Program.
Please list any of the aforementioned seven principles that apply to
the specific project, along with a brief description of how the
principle(s) was/were demonstrated both during and after the project (if applicable).

Is accompanying photography available for external distribution? Yes No

Additional questions/comments/information: