Press Release/Newsbyte Request

Press release/newsbyte information should be provided to the Office of Marketing & Communications well in advance of the desired dateline. As a general rule, media outlets ask to receive a news release two weeks prior to an event in order to meet their deadlines. To meet these deadlines, complete event information must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. This will ensure that the news story will be shared during the best timeframe and via the appropriate mediums, as determined by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Please note that the distribution of a press release does not guarantee media coverage.

Information Required for Press Release

Contact first name:
Contact last name:
Topic, issue, or person:
Person's credentials (if a student or alumnus, include class year):
Brief description of story item. Include relevant details such as
project, book or article titles, performances, appearances, etc.
Event date:
Event time:
Event location:
Admission fee (if none, enter 'none'):
Associated academic department, division, office, club, organization, etc.:
Local, regional, and national media outlets to which you would like the release
submitted (beyond those selected by the Office of Marketing and Communications):
Professional or scholarly associations with this project/program/initiative:
Person/source from Hartwick to be quoted in press release:
Other third-party sources available for comment:
The seven Hartwick organizing principles include:
  1. Maximize Financial Performance
  2. Improve Student Experience and Satisfaction
  3. Expand our Financial Base
  4. Improve College's Image and Reputation
  5. Maximize Employee Performance
  6. Maximize College Governance
  7. Maximize the Academic Program.
Please list any of the aforementioned seven principles that apply to
the specific project, along with a brief description of how the
principle(s) was/were demonstrated both during and after the project (if applicable).

Is accompanying photography available? Yes No

Special instructions (inclusion of legal language, boilerplates of other entities, etc.):

Additional questions/comments/information: