• Hartwick student during art show
  • Swoop, Hartwick College mascot
  • Rain Garden and Bresee Hall, Hartwick College
  • Anderson Center for the Arts, Hartwick College

How to Promote Your Events


Valerie Capullo, media relations manager
Phone: 607-431-4031
Fax: 607-431-4025
E-mail: capullov@hartwick.edu

Information Required: Use our online form to submit your event information.

  • Contact person for the event (including name, title or class year, phone number, and e-mail address)
  • Title of the event
  • Location for the event
  • Date of the event
  • Time for the event
  • Department, office, club, team, etc. affiliated with/hosting/sponsoring the event
  • Cost, if any
  • Open to the public?
  • Academic-theme related?
  • Description of event
  • Unique or special information
  • Photography needs must be specified at least two weeks in advance.

Event information should be provided to the Office of Marketing & Communications at least three weeks in advance of the event date. As a general rule, media outlets ask to receive a news release two prior to an event to meet their deadlines. This will ensure the opportunity to post the event information on the College Web site as a news story in addition to the College calendar (to post an event on the calendar, email scheduling@hartwick.edu).

Note: The Office of Marketing & Communications does not reserve event space nor book catering services. To reserve a location for your event, complete the online Facility & Event Reservation Request Form. Visit the College's Dining Services Web page for information about catering services.

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