Our Staff Directory

George Elsbeck, vice president for finance/chief financial officer
elsbeckg@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4320

Stacy L. Aldrich, administrative assistant
aldrichs@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4344

Gary L. Ballard, facilities and environmental health saftey manager
ballardg@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4098

Financial Services
Karen Zuill, controller
zuillk@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4303

Pat Thorne, assistant controller
thornep@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4302

Accounts Payable
Shirley Georgia
, accounts payable specialist
georgias@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4301

Chris Utter
, director of payrolls
utterc@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4316

Shannon Manchester, coordinator of student payrolls
manchesters@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4308

Student Accounts

Regina Baker, director of student accounts
bakerr@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4304

Kimberly Ayres, assistant director of student accounts
ayresk@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4310

Anne Kramer, cashier
kramera@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4307

Bernadette Roberts, office assistant
robertsb@hartwick.edu, 607-431-4306

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