Student & Summer Payroll

Required Paperwork

Job Authorization Form

  • All students eligible for work-study will be issued a Job Authorization form by the Financial Aid Office each year.  This form must be completed by you and your supervisor and returned to the Financial Aid Office.     
  • Students not eligible for work study may be eligible for departmental employment.  An authorization form can be obtained from the Student Payroll Office.  Completed departmental forms should be returned to the Student Payroll Office.
  • Students may work for more than one department during the school year. A job authorization form must be completed for each work-study or departmental employment position.
  • Students must not exceed the hours per week allocation on the Job Authorization form.

If you are working at Hartwick College for the first time, you will also need to complete the following forms before you begin work:

  • W-4  Federal Withholding form
  • IT - 2104 New York State Withholding Form or IT-2104E New York State Exempt Withholding form. This must be completed whether you reside in New York State or not.
  • I-9 Federal Employment Eligibility Form.  Identification is required (for example: US Passport or two forms of ID such as driver's license or ID card issued by a state AND US Social Security card.  The identification used must be original documents.  Photo copies cannot be accepted.


Time Cards

If the proper forms have been filled out with the Financial Aid Office and Student Payroll Office, a pre-printed time card will be generated and sent to the supervisor. If a supervisor does not receive a pre-printed time card for a student worker, please call the Student Payroll Office immediately at extension 4308.

  1. It is the student's responsibility to fill in their hours and sign their time card.  it is the supervisor's responsibility to verify, sign, and turn in the cards to Student Payroll by noon on the due date as indicated on the time card schedule (unless otherwise indicated on the schedule). 
  2. The supervisor must initial any hours worked on a holiday or during breaks before the time card will be processed. The supervisor must initial any changes made on the time card.
  3. Incomplete time cards will not be processed. Do not turn in unsigned time cards, they will be returned to the supervisor. 
  4. Late time cards will not be processed until the following pay period. All time cards must be turned in every pay period. Time cards cannot be accumulated.

How and When You Will Be Paid

  • Payroll Schedule - Students are paid on a  biweekly schedule with payroll issued on Fridays. Payment will be made by either direct deposit or check. 
  • Direct Deposit - Hartwick College offers direct deposit to any financial institution. You would simply need to complete a direct deposit authorization form and bring it to the Payroll Office. It takes one pay period to set up a direct deposit. After receiving the information, it is sent to the bank for a pre-note the following pay period. If all of the information is correct, your deposit would start with the next payroll. You will receive a direct deposit notice each pay date. To discontinue direct deposit or if you make a change to your bank account, you must notify the payroll department in writing. Direct deposit forms do not need to be done each year, they carry over. Click here for a direct deposit form.
  • Payroll Checks - If you do not sign up for direct deposit you will be issued a payroll check each pay period.
  • Student payroll checks are delivered to the student's campus mailbox (unless otherwise noted on the time card schedule). They can only be cashed on payroll days and the Monday after in the Student Accounts Office, Bresee, 2nd floor  from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  • If you do not want your check or direct deposit notice mailed to your home address for the pay periods indicated on the schedule, you should see someone in the Student Accounts Office to let them know how you would like your check/deposit form handled. 
  • One payment will be issued for each employee. If you hold multiple positions, earnings will be combined and one payment issued.

Automatic Deduction from Student Payroll to Pay Tuition

Students employed on campus may request to have all or part of their earnings applied directly to their tuition account. To request the deduction, the student must compete a payroll Deduction Authorization form with the Office of Student Accounts. Tuition deduction forms must be completed every year. They do not carry over.

Check Replacement Fees

There is a $35.00 charge to replace a lost payroll check. There will be a $10.00 charge to replace a check that is stale dated (checks are void after 90 days) or damaged (you must bring in the original check). You should see someone in the Payroll Office to have a replacement check issued.

Temporary Summer Employees

Hartwick College offers some summer employment positions to individuals age 16 and over. Positions are posted on the Summer Employment page of the Human Resources site.  Application forms can be downloaded and taken to the department offering the position. If you are hired for a position, you should then go to the Payroll Office to complete the appropriate paperwork. 

If you are working for Hartwick College for the first time, you will need to complete a Federal and State tax form and I-9 Federal Employment Eilgibility form before you begin work.  The identification used for the I-9 form must be original documents.  Photo copies cannot be accepted.

Temporary summer employees use time cards to record their hours.  Time cards and a schedule will be sent to each supervisor.

How and When You Will Be Paid

Payroll Schedule - Temporary summer employees are paid on a bi-weekly schedule with the faculty/staff payroll on Fridays.  Payment will be made by either direct deposit or check.  Summer checks are not cashed on campus.

Instructions for direct deposit are shown above.

Payroll checks and direct deposit notices for temporary summer employees will be sent with the faculty/staff payroll checks for each department (unless otherwise noted on the time card schedule).  If you do not want your check or direct deposit notice mailed to your home address for the pay periods indicated on the schedule, you should notify the Payroll Office.