• Johnstone Science Center, Hartwick College
  • Bresee Hall, Hartwick College
  • Yager Hall Bell Tower, Hartwick College
  • Hawk Statue, Wright Stadium, Hartwick College

Campus Photography

Hartwick College does not attempt to collect photo-release forms from members of its faculty, staff, or student body. Instead we make the assumption that Hartwick faculty, staff, and students are our best resources for marketing the College and its constituencies and that they will welcome involvement in these activities.

All photographs submitted to or taken for/by Hartwick College are the property of Hartwick College and may be used for Hartwick College promotional purposes (e.g. electronic and printed publications, Web sites, classroom use, College ads, etc.).

The College reserves the right to take photographs and publish submitted photographs of campus facilities and scenes, events, faculty, staff, and students for College use in any areas on campus where subjects do not have an expectation of privacy and provided the photographs do not violate the privacy of the subject.

Periodically, students, faculty, and staff participate in academic, co-curricular, or community programs off the College campus. The College will endeavor to seek photo-release information from non-Hartwick participants who may be included in photographs taken and used to document Hartwick involvement.

Minor Release Form (pdf)

Adult/Location Release Form (pdf)

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