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Proofing & Editing Projects

Contacts for Proofing & Editing Projects

Policy: Letters and e-mails intended for audiences of 25 or more should be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Contact: Chris Lott at ext. 4031.

For Communications Proofing & Editing Projects

  • What is the timeline for sending the communication?
  • Who is the contact for the project?
  • Does it require a scanned signature?
  • Have you planned for personalization with a document-file merge?
  • Are you sending the communication electronically?
  • Will you be using GroupMail to send the communication electronically?
  • Are you planning to track the GroupMail open and click-through rates?
  • Does the information in your printed piece belong on your office or department Web site?
  • Should the communication refer to material on the Web?
  • Is a "named" URL required?
  • Has the "named" URL been verified?
  • Is a new Web page needed?
  • If a new Web page is not required, does the current Web page need updating to complement the printed piece?
  • How will the Web page complement the printed piece: photos, message, colors, etc.?
  • What is the timeline for publishing the new page?
Know the facts.
183The number of students-faculty projects supported by Freedman Prizes since 2004-05.