Print Publication Production Timeline & Bids

The Office of Marketing & Communications provides marketing and communications services to the campus community. These services include production of graphic designs, printed invitations, brochures, newsletters, postcards, business cards, posters, fliers, proofing of letters, and photography.

Upon contacting our office for assistance, a time will be scheduled to discuss the scope of services required to complete your project.

Print Publication Production Timeline
Plan ahead. Commercial printers require a minimum of two weeks (10-12 business days) for production/printing. (Rush fees can add 20% to the cost.) The Office of Marketing & Communications typically requires a minimum of two weeks design/editing time, so 31-40 days until completion is optimal for any publication project. The project timeline can change based on institutional priorities, whether your publication is very big or small, the need for additional proofs or last minute changes, or if you've completed any of the steps below yourself (e.g. writing). Final design is the responsibility of Marketing & Communications. Always discuss your timeframe and other needs with Marketing & Communications. Collaborating with Marketing & Communications throughout the project will help ensure that your publication is completed in a timely fashion.

Description Responsibility
Days 1-4 Contact Marketing & Communications to meet and plan, provide all background (electronic copy, information, photos, photo requests) You
Days 5-9 Marketing & Communications provides Draft 1 Marketing & Communications
Days 10-12 Review Draft 1 content and provide feedback You
Days 13-16 Marketing & Communications incorporates your feedback to create Draft 2 Marketing & Communications
Days 17-19 Review Draft 2 content and provide feedback You
Days 20-25 Make changes, create Draft 3; secure bids Marketing & Communications
Days 26-27 Review/proofread Draft 3 and provide feedback/approval You
Days 28-30 Finalize Draft 3/final proofread; send to printer Marketing & Communications
Days 31-40 Production and distribution Commercial printer/mail house, you

Note: Bulk/third class can take up to an additional 15 days to mail. December mailings may take a month due to volume.

Securing Bids
VPs/department chairs/office directors (or their designees) are responsible for working with the Office of Marketing & Communications when developing publications (audience >75). VPs/department chairs/office directors are responsible for approving requests for printing services within their divisions. If a publication must be printed off campus (commercial printing), it will need to go through the bid process established by Marketing & Communications. For jobs costing more than $1,000, Marketing & Communications will obtain bids from printers and select the best bid in terms of cost savings and production quality. Requests for commercial printing must be sent to Marketing & Communications for the purpose of securing bids.

All Hartwick College publications will be printed on white Explorer Dull paper stock unless otherwise discussed/decided.