Professional Notes: December 2007

Assistant Professor of Education Elizabeth Bloom presented at a number of conferences this fall, including Best Practices in Teaching and Counseling at SUNY Oneonta on October 19, at which she spoke on "Unpacking the Invisible Backpack: Exposing Secondary Students to Issues of Privilege". Bloom presented "Learning From the United Kingdom: A Comparative Study in Citizenship Education" at the conference of the American Educational Studies Association in Cleveland, Ohio on October 25, and "Active Citizenship: Another Casualty of No Child Left Behind" at the same event on the following day.

KinHo Chan, assistant professor in the department of psychology, and two of his students, Tonya Yager '07 and Jade Pech '08, presented student-faculty collaborative research at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in San Diego, CA 2007. Yager and Pech presented a poster at the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) Social on November 5. Yager also gave a public presentation titled "Effects of selective hippocampal lesion on alcohol consumption and alcohol preference: Does brain damage caused by drinking make it more difficult to quit?" In addition, Yager and her faculty advisor Chan were publicly recognized at the conference by the FUN judging committee as one of the winners of this year's Travel Award for outstanding undergraduate research presentations. This research was supported in part by the Hartwick College Freedman Prize for Student-Faculty Collaborative Projects.

Assistant Professor of Economics Karl Seeley's paper "Does technological innovation really reduce marginal abatement costs" (coauthored with Yoram Bauman of the University of Washington and Myunghun Lee of Korea's Inha University) has been accepted for publication in the journal Environmental and resource economics. The paper revisits one of the fundamental assumptions in the economic analysis of innovations that reduce pollution.

Assistant Professor of Art Joseph Von Stengel has published a new book on art and design titled Pattern Joy, an investigation into William Morris pattern design through the use of retro video games and vintage audio equipment icons. To see images from the book, visit Visit to purchase a copy.