Professional Notes: December 2008

Associate Professor of Anthropology Jason Antrosio presented a paper at the 107th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, held in San Francisco, CAfrom November 19-23. His paper was titled "The World Bank in the Andes: Colombia Hosts the First-Ever 'Development Mission'" for a panel titled "Andean Worlds and American Imaginations: Forms of Collaboration, Inclusion, and Engagement." The paper considered how the 1949 development mission from the World Bank to Colombia helped to forge the idea of a Colombian nation and national market. No word on whether or not Antrosio wore flowers in his hair.

Associate Porfessor of Political Science Laurel Elder has recently brought her scholarship on women and the electoral process to bear in the form of two publications and one conference paper presentation. Her paper, "Women in Congress, the 2008 Election, and the Growing Partisan Divide," was presented  at the Northeastern Political Science Association Conference held in Boston, MA from November 13-15, 2008. Further, she published "Whither Republican Women: The Growing Partisan Gap among Women in Congress" in Volume 6, Issue 1 of The Forum (Article 13. A). With Steve Greene she is the co-author of "Parenthood and the Gender Gap,"  a chapter in The Gender Gap: Voting and the Sexes.   Edited by Lois Duke Whitaker, the book is published by University of Illinois Press.

Professor of Art Gloria Escobar opened "Paintings from the Tropics "; a solo exhibition that opened for the November 7, "First Friday" celebration in Binghamton , NY. First Friday is a gallery event that brings a many visitors to the city's downtown galleries and Art Studios every first Friday of the month. After the very well attended opening, the exhibit was shown by appointment at Atomic Tom's Gallery on State Street through the end of November.

Professor of English Thomas Travisano has continued his conquest of the literary world this month. His book, "Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence Between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell" was named one of the Top Ten Books of the year by The Washington Post. In London's The Guardian, no less a literary lion that poet Seamus Heaney named Travisano's book to his Best of the Year list, and The Spectator followed suit.

On Sunday, December 14, Travisano and his book were featured in a 12-minute segment on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered: Weekend Edition." Actors read the words of Bishop and Lowell, and Travisano added context and commentary during the especially long radio segment, which can be heard here.

In November, Assistant Professor of Physics Parker Troischt presented a seminar to the Buffalo State College Departments of Physics and Chemistry as part of their 2008 seminar series. His presentation was titled "Quasars, Pulsars, Black Holes and Relativistic Plasma Waves: Insights into the Ultimate Battle in Astrophysics." Plasmas, he told the crowd, play a central role in astrophysics and the study of plasma wave modes is of fundamental importance to understanding how energy and information are transmitted near astrophysical bodies such as pulsars, accreting black holes and quasars.

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