Professional Notes: February 2009

Associate Professor of Biology Mary Allen recently had a pedagogical activity published in a peer-reviewed, Web-based curriculum resource by the name of MicrobeLibrary, which is published by the American Society for Microbiology. Her co-author for Using Microbial Ecology to Teach Experimental Design and Sampling Methods is Ruth A. Gyure, an associate professor of biology at Western Connecticut State University.

Associate Professor of Psychology KinHo Chan has published a peer-reviewed publication titled "Contributions of the hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex to energy and body weight regulation" in a recent edition of Hippocampus. In November, he also published two abstracts with the Society for Neuroscience Conference: "Effects of selective hippocampal lesion and task difficulty on feature-negative and non-conditional stimulus discrimination tasks" and "Complete and partial lesions of the hippocampus have different effects on resistance to satiation, sensitivity to CCK and long-term bodyweight gain." As if that's wasn't enough, Chan was named to Marquis Who's Who in America, 2009.

Associate Professor of Political Science Laurel Elder authored, along with Steven Greene, "The Politics of Parenthood and the 2008 Electoral Campaign: The Use of Parent and Family Themes in Party Appeals and Election Coverage." Their paper was prepared for presentation at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL.

Associate Professor of History Vicki Howard was interviewed for the popular press by a reporter for CTW Features, the "leading independent producer of original online and print content" for newspapers, magazines, and more. The bridal article for which Howard was quoted is titled "The Perfect Plan for a Pragmatic Registry," and was published in the January 2009 Bride's Guide and reprinted in the January 23 edition of Altoona Mirror. Howard's book, Brides, Inc. also was listed in "Reads to help you get ready" in the February 10 Courier Post and in the 2009 Bride's Guide.

Associate Professor of Music Jirka Kratochvil was selected to adjudicate an International Conductor's Contest, "Spring Choral Capellas," in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk in April  2009. The international competition has a rich tradition for conductors from across Russia. Kratochvil has been invited as the only adjudicator from the U.S.

Professor of Sociology Katherine O'Donnell was invited to speak at Cornell University for the Institutional and International Community Development session of the 2nd Annual Institute on Global Service Learning, February 12-13, at the ILR Conference Center. The conference was sponsored by Cornell Public Service Center and New York Campus Compact.

Associate Professor of History Edythe Ann Quinn has had a busy few months. Back in June she was a commentator on a panel at Conference on New York State History at Skidmore College. In September she taught a workshop at SUNY Upstate Medical Center's outreach program titled "Healing a Mastectomy Scar; Creating a Lifeline." Quinn attended the Researching New York History Conference at SUNY Albany in November, and was a member of the Program Committee for 2009 Conference on New York State History in January. Also this winter, she taught her fifth class for the Center for Continuing Adult Learning in Oneonta. The course was titled "Winter & the Environment in Folklore & History."

Professor Robert Titus, of the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, will be presenting a gallery display at the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development in Arkville, NY. The display, titled "Moments in Time, Moments in Rock," is an exhibition of a collection of rock slabs that preserve momentary events in geological history. These include fossil trace fossils, preserved ripple marks, and numerous other remarkable specimens. The display opens on Saturday, March 7. Titus has an article out in the Winter issue of Kaatskill Life, which describes the exhibit.

Professor of English Thomas Travisano presided over the discussion period following the first New York City performance of a play titled The Other Life: Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. The play, by Monique Fowler, is based on the dialog between the two poets in Words in Air, Travisano's acclaimed edition of their complete correspondence. The performance took place in the off-Broadway Cell Theatre on 23rd Street in Manhattan on Sunday, February 8, Elizabeth Bishop's birthday.

Associate Professor of Philosophy Jeremy Wisnewski recently gave a well-received talk at Oregon State University titled "Human Rights and Linguistic Subterfuge in the Bush League," a podcast of which is now available through the OSU iTunes store. His work, "The Case for Anti-Antirealism: Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and Aristotle on Language and Essence," also appeared in vol. 3, issue 2 of Philosophical Frontiers, and his "What We Owe the Dead" was featured in vol. 26 no. 1 of the Journal of Applied Philosophy.