Professional Notes: February 2011

Danielle Ely '08 has been offered a position as adjunct faculty in English at Columbia-Greene Community College to teach Freshman Composition.

Associate Professor of History Vicki Howard presented a paper at the American Historical Association in Boston on January 7, 2011. Her paper, "Remembering Main Street: Consumers and Independent Department Stores," was part of a panel she organized, which was titled "Local Markets/Marketing the Local: American Retailing, 1920 to the Present."

Associate Professor of Biology Mark Kuhlmannattended and gave a research presentation at the Catskill Environmental Monitoring and Research Conference at Belleayre Mountain Ski Center. His presentation--co-authored by a number of his former Hartwick students--was titled "Do Invasive Rusty Crayfish Affect Stream Macroinvertebrates?" Kuhlman and Anthony Prisciandaro '04, Megan Irland '06, Greg Hamilton '06, Sara Caldwell '07, and Ryan Oliver '08 studied the invasion of rusty crayfish in the streams of the upper Susquehanna River catchment, and their effect on native crayfish and overall crayfish density.

John Meade '09 has received his master's in business management from Durham University, UK. He traveled overseas on a lacrosse scholarship, and has spent the past 12 months in an accelerated master's program at the highly regarded Durham Business School.

Professor of Mathematics Gary Stevens has recently published two articles. His piece "Almost All Asters Are Splittable" was published in Congressus Numerantium, Volume 206 (December 2010),pp. 59-64. The article "The Upper Irredundance Number of the Crown" has appeared in the Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and Its Applications, Volume 261 (2011), pp.17-23. This research was supported in part by Dr. Stevens' Wandersee Scholar in Residence Research Grant.

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