Professional Notes: November 2013

Artist in Residence in Voice Johana Arnold will sing opera arias and music theater selections with tenor John Frederick West with the Catskill Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, November 16. The concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Hunt Union Ballroom on the SUNY-Oneonta campus.

Professor of English Robert Bensen's 12,000-word bibliographic essay, "Native American and Aboriginal Canadian Childhood," is in production at Oxford University Press for the Oxford Bibliographies in Childhood Studies. His anthology from the University of Arizona Press (2001), Children of the Dragonfly, is being considered by The Maine Tribal-State Child Welfare Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) for adoption for state-wide discussion groups concerned with the abuse of American Indian children. The Maine TRC is modeled on the South African Truth & Reconciliation Commission that addressed human rights abuses during the Apartheid era.

On Friday October 11, Professor of Mathematics Ron Brzenk made a presentation at the "Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Department Seminar" at SUNY-Oneonta. The presentation was titled "Decision Making using Analytical Hierarchies."

Professor of Political Science Laurel Elder and her co-author, Steven Greene, will present "The Politics of Walmart Moms: Motherhood, Family, and the 2012 Presidential Election" at the Northeastern Political Science Association Conference from November 14-16 in Philadelphia, PA. Elder has also been invited to present during a roundtable "Women, Gender and Politics: Past, Present and Future Directions" during the same conference.
Visiting Professor of Nursing Patricia Grust, PhD, RN, CNE has earned the PhD in Nursing Education from Capella University.

Associate Professor of History Vicki Howard's worked recently appeared in a article titled "Inside America's Wedding Dress Obsession." Howard was also interviewed as a source for "A Fiance With Naked Fingers" by Lorena O'Neil, which appeared on

Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts Malissa A. Kano-White served as director and playwright for the world premiere performance of "Come Home a Stranger," which was presented in Hartwick's Lab Theatre in September. Due to overwhelming audience response, the play was held over for an additional run in order to accommodate demand.

During the Economics Summer 2013 Internship Presentations, several students recounted their experiences in the field. Rim Karoui ‘15 worked at Deustche Bank in Dubai in the Equity Capital Market Group. Her responsibilities included the preparation of a database of outstanding bonds and loans in which the firm managed or co-managed the transaction or had an under-writing role. Guia Carlini ‘15 worked at CF Consulting, a major contractor to the European Union Grants Agency, where she assisted with the management of cross-national collaborative grant proposals. Taylor Jaquays ‘15 spent his summer organizing financial information systems for a community-based micro-lending organization in Mexico (supported by the Youngman Fellowship). Rob Tracey ‘14 worked with Oneonta CIty Manager Mike Long and the organization "Main Street Oneonta" to prepare a comparative study of downtown revitalization strategies. A fourth student, Rio Dhat 14, completed an internship through the business department with Guard Hill Financial Corp, a mortgage bank and broker in New York City (supported through the Duffy/Emmerson scholarship).

Associate Dean and Director of U.S. Pluralism Programs Harry Bradshaw Matthews was recently interviewed by "The Gist of Freedom." Their hour-long conversation about the Black Zionist Ethiopian Movement is available here.

Visiting Professor of Nursing Wendy Moore, MS, RN-C, CNE has been awarded advanced certification in Nursing Education from the National League of Nursing.

Professor of Sociology Katherine O'Donnell has published two chapters in a new book titled "Going Public- Civic and Community Engagement," which was edited by Hiram Fitzgerald and Judy Primavera for Michigan State University Press. O'Donnell's chapters include "Steppin' Up: The Oneonta Community Alliance for Youth, Grassroots Democracy, and the Battle for Public Space," and "Poco a Poco: Weaving Transnational Solidarity with Jolom Mayaetik, Mayan Women's Weaving Cooperative, Chiapas, Mexico". O'Donnell has also published "Yellow Fever: The Navajo Uranium Legacy" in Culture, Agriculture, Food, and Environment (Vol. 35 Issue 2). O'Donnell will serve as an invited speaker at the "Promising Practices: Civic and Community Engagement" conference at Rhode Island College in November.

Professor of Biology Stanley K. Sessions has authored (with K. Iizuka, Y. Matsuda, T. Yamada, and T. Nakazato) "Chromosomal Localization of the 18S and 28S Ribosomal RNA Genes using FISH and AgNO3 banding in Hynobius quelpaertensis, H. tsuensis and Onychodactylus koreanus (Urodela: Hynobiidae)." Their paper appears in Current Herpetology (32:89-101)

Assistant Professor of English Julia Suarez Hayes has seen the publication of a poem, "New Bride," in the Greenwich Pen Women's Anthology, "Women's Voices of the 21st Century: Experiences that Shape Women" (The Argian Press). The book was recently launched with a reception in Greenwich, CT

Professor of English Thomas Travisano has contributed the lead essay on "Elizabeth Bishop and Biography" to the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Elizabeth Bishop (Cambridge University Press, January 2014). In August he served as the outside examiner on a Ph.D. dissertation on modern poetry at the University of Western Ontario. Also in August, Travisano gave a paper on "The Authoring and Editing of Elizabeth Bishop's Gravestone" at the Modernist Studies Association Conference at the University of Sussex, England.

Nursing Learning Lab and Technology Coordinator Dana Tripp has received the McGee Nursing Scholarship for Graduate Education.

Hartwick College alumnus Rick Widmer ‘91 recently showed his film, "The Venice Interviews - 20 Years of Chinese Art at Venice," in the 55th Venice Biennale. He film is "an oral history project based upon conversations with Chinese artists and curators, reviewing 20 years of Chinese art at the Venice Biennale." The Biennale is a major contemporary art exhibition, which includes the Venice Film Festival, the Venice Biennale of Architecture, and The International Festival of Dance. It was first held in 1895. In addition to his work as a documentary filmmaker, Widmer is a lecturer in Western New Media Art at Communication University of China.