Professional Notes: October 2009

Professor of Anthropology Dr. Connie M. Anderson presented a paper at a conference in Sydney, Australia, on "Sport, Race and Ethnicity: Building a Global Understanding," in December 2008. She has been invited to present another paper on sport and racism in the session "All that is solid melts into air: Changing lifeways in South Africa," at the American Anthropological Association annual conference in Philadelphia in December 2009. Both papers are co-authored by Troy Bielert '04. During the past 15 years Anderson has presented 24 peer-reviewed papers and publications with 14 Hartwick students as co-authors, on topics including sports and racism, African political systems, state courts and alternatives to them, nation-building in South Africa, and changes in the structure and functioning of families.

Associate Professor of Chemistry Mark Erickson presented Introduction of Green Chemistry in the Undergraduate Organic Laboratory Using the Diels-Alder Reaction at the 238th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Washington, D.C., August 17, 2009. Erickson and Victor L. Schultz '09 presented a poster titled "Introduction of green chemistry in the undergraduate organic laboratory using the Diels-Alder reaction" at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Washington D.C. The research project was part of Schultz's thesis and funded by a Freedman Award. Erickson also co-authored the recently published student solutions manual to Accompany Bettelheim, Brown, Campbell, and Farrell Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry, and the instructor's manual for the same volume.

Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science Dr. Laurel Elder presented two papers at the most recent American Political Science Association Conference in Toronto, Ontario. They were ""Mortgage Moms" and "More Responsible Fathers": Parenthood and Issue Attitudes in the 2008 Presidential Election" (co-authored with Steven Greene) and "From Hillary to Michelle: Public Opinion and Presidential Wives" (co-authored with Barbara Burrell and Brian Frederick).

Professor of German Dr. Wendell Frye presented a paper at the University of Virginia's College at Wise's Medieval and Renaissance Conference on September 25 on "Guilt and Expiation in Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival."

Associate Professor and Chair of Nursing Dr. Jeanne-Marie Havener, APRN, was an invited speaker on The Use of Technology and Other Strategies to Promote a Culture of Evidence-Based Practice on at the Catskill-Hudson Area Health Education Consortium's 2009 Nursing Summit in Albany on August 6. She was also invited guest editor for the 2009 winter edition of The Journal of New York State Nurses Association; this edition will center on evidence-based practice. Havener was named Chair of the Foundation for New York State Nurses Center for Nursing Research Planning Committee, which is composed of members of the NYSNA and the Foundation's Research Council. She was also a presenter at the National Association of Nurse Practitioner in Women's Health, Providence, RI, October 2009 on "Are We Dying to Sleep: A Review of the Literature on Fatigue."

Dr. Stanley Konecky, Professor of Philosophy, will present two papers in the coming weeks: "Civility is Not Enough" at the Conference for Ethics Across the Curriculum, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, November 14, and "Existential Ethics" at the North American Sartre Society Conference, University of Memphis, Memphis TN, November 21.

Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Mark Kuhlmann was among the authors of "Does the Density of Invasive Rusty Crayfish Affect Stream Macroinvertebrates?" presented at Ecological Society of America Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM, and available in the journal Nature Proceedings. His co-authors are Hartwick alumni in biology and biochemistry, and all were summer research assistants funded by a Trustee Faculty Research Grant.

The Nursing Department's Jenny Morrissette wrote a solicited manuscript for McGraw-Hill Publishing Company titled "Nurse to Nurse: ECG Interpretation," which was available for purchase on September 18. The book is a pocket-sized reference for use at the patient's bedside to facilitate ease and accuracy of ECG interpretation at critical times. The purpose of the book is to improve the user's ability to learn and accurately interpret the many different cardiac rhythms and concurrently assess for accompanying signs and symptoms and be able identify causes and treatments for each of the rhythms. Additional topics discussed are ECG changes found in five myocardial infarction locations, pacemaker functioning and malfunctioning, and electrolyte abnormality effect on ECGs.

Associate Professor of Music Diane Paige was invited to review Richard Chlupaty, Antal Doráti and the Joy of Making Music for Fontes, the journal of the International Music Library Association. The book addresses the Hungarian conductor and composer Doráti, an influential conductor of the 20th century.

Mark Porter '99 presented a lecture titled "Mathematical Foundations for Environmental Modeling" on October 1. Porter was a Mathematics major at Hartwick and completed a Ph.D. in water resource engineering at Oregon State University. His is currently doing his post-doctoral work at Oregon State.

Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr.  Stefanie Rocknak published "Reply to Monica Stival's 'Space and Time in Hume's Philosophy,'" Proceedings of the 36th Hume Society Conference, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (invited response). In addition, she was invited to speak on "Exposing Masks as Masks: Bodies as Sculpture" at the Syracuse Center for Psychotherapy in Syracuse, NY, and chaired a session of the Syracuse Philosophy Annual Workshop and Network (SPAWN) 2009: Nature and Purpose in Early Modern Philosophy. A noted sculptor, Rocknak participated in a two-person show at the Limestone Gallery in Fayetteville, NY, and a group show titled "Figment" on Governor's Island in NY, NY. In June, she was commissioned to create a miniature "Fist and Tiller" by the current and past captains of The Clearwater to present to Clearwater founder and folk music legend Pete Seeger on the 40th anniversary of his establishment of the environmental enterprise.

Professor of Geology Dr. Robert Titus attended the recent New York State Geological Association meeting at SUNY New Paltz and led a field trip to see the ice age features of North South Lake State Park. He published a field guide in the meeting proceedings volume.

Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. J. Jeremy Wisnewski served as editor of Twilight and Philosophy." The book, recently published, contains a series of essays connecting philosophical theories to the pop-culture vampire phenomenon.