Professional Notes: September 2012

Hartwick College Professor of History and Dr. Peter G. Wallace has released a second edition of his book in September, 2012, titled "The Long European Reformation: Religion, Political Conflict and the Search for Conformity, 1350-1750 (European History in Perspective)."

Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. Stefanie Rocknak released a book in September, 2012 entitled "Imagined Causes: Hume's Conception of Objects." The piece provides the first comprehensive account of Hume's conception of objects in Book I of A Treatise of Human Nature and goes on to discuss passionately debated claims in recent literature.

Stephanie Rozene, assistant professor of art at Hartwick College, was included in a community-wide, multi-venue biennial exhibition at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY. The project aims to highlight the rich talent of artists across Upstate New York, with a special focus on Central New York and the surrounding counties. The exhibition, titled: "The Other New York (TONY): 2012" opened on September 22, 2012. Running from September, 2012 through early January, 2013, the exhibit will include a work from Rozene titled 270: The Corrosive Use of Money in Politics. 

Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Laurel Elder has recently published a book which examines the political impact of one of life's most challenging adult experiences: having and raising children. The Politics of Parenthood, co-authored by Elder and Steven Greene, associate professor of Political Science at North Carolina State University, was released in August, 2012.

Alicia Bates, assistant director of campus activities and Dewar Union, has published an article titled "Offering Creative Campus Programming When Your University is Located in a Major City" in the September 2012 edition of NACA Campus Activities Programming Magazine. She has also been appointed the 2013 Professional Development Programs Coordinator for the NACA Mid-Atlantic Region. In the position she will be charged with planning the Professional Development Luncheon at the regional conference, including bringing in a speaker to speak to participants about NACA trends and themes.

Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Geology, gave a talk on "Biotite Weathering in Watersheds of the Slavkov Forest, Czech Republic" at the Goldschmidt International Geochemistry Conference in Montreal, Canada, June 2012. She presented her research findings about influence of bedrock geology and cation nutrient availability on fungal weathering processes of biotite from three watersheds of the Critical Zone Observatory in the Czech Republic that she has been working on for two years. Balogh-Brunstad also co-authored two other presentations by Hartwick undergraduates about the work that has been done in collaboration with researchers at Washington State University and the Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. Sheila M. Niedziela '13 presented her results on "Weathering in the Rhizosphere Analyzed with Transmission Electron Microscopy" and Kyle A. Greenberg '13 presented his project on "Weathering at the Mineral-Fungus-Bacteria Interface Analyzed with Scanning Electron Microscopy and Helium Ion Microscopy." This work is funded by a collaborative National Science Foundation grant to Balogh-Brunstad and Greenberg received the Freedman Prize 2011-12 for continuing his investigation.  

Professor of German Wendell Frye attended the Medieval and Renaissance Conference at the University of Virginia at Wise. There she presented a paper titled "Guilt, Loyalty and Expiation in Hartmann von Aue's Erec."

Professor Emerita Roberta Griffith's abstract drawing was included in the 77th Annual National Juried Show at the Cooperstown Art Association in Cooperstown, NY, which was on view this summer.

Vicki Howard, associate professor of history, will give a talk November 1 at the Meredith Historical Society in Meredith, NY. Her lecture will address the history of Bresee's Department Store in Oneonta. Howard's work was cited in The Globe and Mail in September in the course of an article titled "Why do engagement rings still matter?" She has also published, via Pearson Custom Publishing, a history textbook titled "Weddings in American Consumer Society, 1945-1970s." Howard also recently addressed the Business History Conference, held in Philadelphia, PA. She spoke about her experiences publishing her acclaimed book Brides, Inc. on a panel called "How to Turn a Dissertation Into a Book." She was recruited for the panel, which was part of a workshop offered to graduate students and junior scholars.

Associate Professor of Music Diane Paige presented a paper titled "Revisiting Dvořák and the American Indian" at the Tenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities in June at Centre Mont-Royal, Montréal, Canada.  She examined the influence of Native American music on the chamber music that the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák wrote while living in the small Czech-American village of Spillville, IA. Paige argued for the influence of Lakota music on his "American" String Quartet, a work not addressed in this manner by any Dvořák scholar.

Ted Peters, assistant professor of business administration, presented "Management Projects in Service Learning: Outcomes from a Rural Learning Laboratory" at the 2012 Academy of Business Education Conference held in Charleston, SC in September. For the fourth consecutive summer, Peters was selected in a national search to teach a six-week course, "Organizational Behavior and Leadership" to third-class cadets at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. For 2012-2013, he is the President of the Eastern Academy of Management, a 250-member research and teaching affiliate of the Academy of Management. The group's annual conference will be held in May in Baltimore, MD.

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Pre-Law Coordinator Sara Rinfret has co-authored with Scott Furlong a chapter titled "Defining Environmental Rulemaking" in the Oxford Handbook of Environmental Policy (Oxford University Press, 2012). She has also published articles including "Simulating City Councils: Increasing Student Involvement and Awareness" in PS: Political Science and Politics; "Making Sense of the Front-Lines: Environmental Regulators in Ohio and Wisconsin" in Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences and; "Cleaning up the Air: The EPA and Shuttle Diplomacy" in Environmental Practice. Rinfret presented (with Michelle Pautz) . "Front-line Environmental Regulators and their Interactions with the Regulated Community: The Lilliputians of U.S. Environmental Policy" at the 2012 Law and Society Conference in Honolulu, HI, and (also with Pautz) "Attitudes and Perspectives of Front-Line Workers in Environmental Policy: A Case Study of Ohio EPA and Wisconsin DNR" at the 2012 Western Political Science Conference Annual Meeting in Portland, OR.

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science Program Coordinator Stefanie Rocknak spent her summer leading workshops and making presentations. They include "Faceboards: Carving Human Expressions" at the Haystack Mountain School in Deer Isle, ME;  "Figurative Wood Sculpture," at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts;  "Sculpture, Philosophy and Psychology: The Intersection," at the New York State Psychological Association's 75th Annual Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY; "Carving Figures in Wood: Philosophy & Techniques," at the Furniture Society 2012 Conference at Maine College of Art, Portland, ME and; "Personal Identity in Hume's Treatise: A Hypothesis" at the 6th Biennial Margaret Dauler Wilson Philosophy Conference, Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.

Professor of Biology Stanley K. Sessions has been busy as ever. He published a chapter titled Genome Size in Brenner's Online Encyclopedia of Genetics, 2nd Edition. At the World Congress of Herpetology in Vancouver, BC he offered "Herpetology: Developmental Evolution of Limbs" with Koji Iizuka, and Nikolay A. Poyarkov, a "long-term international collaboration with colleagues from Japan and Russia to understand the development and evolution of vertebrate limbs." At the Joint Annual Meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology held in San Diego, CA, he offered "Heart regeneration in Notophthalmus viridescens: Where do the stem cells come from?" a "report of collaborative research among Andrew Piefer, biochemistry, and Stanley K. Sessions and Amanda Wilder, biology. It is the latest product of long-term research at Hartwick College aimed at understanding organ (in this case heart) regeneration in salamanders." 

In other news, Sessions' long-term collaboration with artist Brandon Ballengée has resulted in an exhibition at the renowned Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City, NY titled "The Cry of Silent Forms." He has also published a photograph of a cleared and stained deformed frog. The shot can be found on the homepage of "Collaborative Resources for Learning Developmental Biology" maintained by the Society for Developmental Biology, the primary organization for Developmental Biology in the United States:

Lecturer in English Emily Vogel will release a chapbook titled "Digressions on God" through Main Street Rag Press' author's choice series. It is due to be published in February 2013.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Matthew Voorhees recently published "Melodic Communities: Music in Rousseau's Political Thought," inHistory of Political Thought (Vol. XXXII, Issue 4).

Sarah Whiteford, visiting assistant professor of sociology attended the International Organization of Social Sciences & Behavioral Research conference in La Vegas, NV in October. There she presented a paper titled "Female Adolescent Substance Use: Influences of Male Friends, Romantic, and Sexual Partners". 

Associate Professor of Accounting and Business & Business Administration Chair Priscilla Wightman presented "Using Financial Statement in the Classroom: Innovations in Teaching" at the American Accounting Association's Annual Meeting in Washington, DC this summer. In September she offered "Teaching Finance Using FinGame" at the Academy of Business Education/Financial Education Association's 2012 conference.