Professional Notes: October 2013

Computer Repair Technician Tracy Anderson and Director of Faculty and Staff Technology Support Bryan Del Bene attended Macintosh hardware and software training in July at BusinessRules Inc. in Rhinecliff, NY. At the conclusion of the training, both passed Apple's hardware and software exams and achieved Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) status. Hartwick is planning to apply for self-maintainer status with Apple so the College may better support faculty and student Mac users.

Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad, assistant professor of chemistry and geology, participated in the Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory User Meeting: EMSL Integaration 2013: Plants, Microbes and Their Interactions August 6-7, 2013 at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. The meeting also included workshops on the newest analytical techniques available at EMSL. Balogh-Brunstad participated in the workshops about mass spectrometry and X-ray computed tomography for biological systems.

Balogh-Brunstad was also an invited seminar speaker at the Department of Geological Sciences at SUNY-Binghamton on September 13 2013. Balogh-Brunstad talked about her research on "Fungal Weathering of Biotite under Potassium Limitation" that she has been conducting for several years. She also met with graduate students and faculty to discuss potential collaborations and new research ideas.

Professor of English David Cody presented "‘There lurks, perhaps, a hitherto unheeded meaning here': Materials toward a New Annotation of Melville's Works," at The Ninth International Melville Conference, held in Washington, DC in June. He also offered "Dickinson's Cooper" at the James Fenimore Cooper Cooper Biennial Conference at SUNY-Oneonta in July. Further, Cody has appeared in a number of publications of late. These include "The Foundation of Melville's ‘The Bell-Tower'" (abstract), in Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies; "Ambrose Bierce and the Cooperian Uncanny" (article) in Papers of the 2011 Cooper Conference at SUNY Oneonta; "Emily Dickinson, the English Renaissance, and Eighteenth-century Literature," (book chapter) in Emily Dickinson in Context; "Revisiting the ‘Hawthorne Problem,'" (essay) in Resources for American Literary Study; Robert Milder's Hawthorne's Habitations (book review), forthcoming in Resources for American Literary Study (2014); and "Dickinson's Cooper" (article) forthcoming in Papers of the 2013 Cooper Conference at SUNY Oneonta.

Glen Fitch '72 was recently accepted as one of only 14 poets in Los Angeles, CA to participate in the year-long Community Literature Initiative. Citing his "gift for brevity and potency of language," the CLI Application Committee wrote that the were "most impressed" by Fitch's poems. The Initiative aims to "teach and publish authors who want to make a contribution to humanity and our Los Angeles Community through literature."

Professor of German Wendell Frye presented a paper on the Medieval and Renaissance periods as educational devices in Adalbert Stifter's Der Nachsommer at the Medieval and Renaissance Conference at the University of Virginia at Wise on September 19, 2013.

Residence Life Area Coordinator/ Student Affairs Greek Life Assistant Paul Habernig recently received national attention for his reflections on his time as a member of Phi Kappa Psi while attending SUNY-Oneonta. His piece appears as a testimonial on the Phi Kappa Psi website.

Associate Professor of History Vicki Howard continues to be a resource for national reporters writing about the wedding industry. Her most recent appearances include in The Huffington Post's "Revisiting Princess Diana and Her Wedding Legacy (Part I: The World of Celebrity)". Howard also contributed to a column in The Boston Globe titled "The wedding business - we're nuts over nuptials" by Farah Stockman.

Assistant Professor of Business Administration Theodore Peters was President of Eastern Academy of Management for 2012-2013, which led to his leading EAM at its annual 230 academic and practitioner conference last May in Baltimore, MD. This academic year, as Immediate Past President, he continues on the Board of Governors and serves as Interim Treasurer.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Sara Rinfret has recently co-authored two articles, "A Revised Look: EPA Rulemaking Process" in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences and "Adjusting the Social Cost of Carbon: A Commonsense Revision" for the University of Pennsylvania Law School's Regulatory Blog. Both were co-authored with Jeffrey Cook.

Links Program Coordinator and Alumni Career Advisor Lara Sanford and Assistant Director of Career Services Melissa Marietta will present at the New York State Cooperative and Experiential Education Association conference in Cooperstown on October 7. Their presentation is titled "The Hartwick Link Experience - Going Beyond LinkedIn to Build Lasting Professional Relationships"

Professor of Mathematics Charles Scheim attended a three-day Professional Enhancement Program workshop this past summer, June 17-19, 2013, offered by the Mathematical Association of America. Its subject was"Big Data and Data Mining" at Williams College in Williamstown, MA. The program was directed by Richard DeVeaux and Bernhard Klingenberg.

Professor of Accounting and Business Administration Tom Sears has published a book titled Faces of Freedom: Lives of Courage with co-author Radu Cristea. The book is about six individuals who were Romanian political prisoners who survived the extermination camps, unlike thousands of their peers. "One interviewee risked his life to take photographs of the Romanian Army opening fire on peaceful protesters in a square in the center of Cluj-Napoca on December 21, 1989," Sears recounts. "These photographs ended up being the only recorded documentation of the atrocities that took place that day and the individual, along with his story, has given us exclusive rights to the negatives for inclusion in our book." Sears also interviewed one of the three elite soldiers who stood on the firing line during the execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. "His descriptions of the events leading up to the revolution, his personal interaction with Nicolae Ceausescu while leading him to the wall, and his description of the execution itself is very graphic and powerful," Sears said.

Professor of Biology Dr. Stanley K. Sessions has been very busy of late, with two publications in professional journals, four invited talks, and a SciArt exhibit. One publication is the latest product of a long-term international collaboration with Japanese colleagues on the molecular cytogenetics of Asian salamanders (published in Current Herpetology, with colleagues Koji Iizuka et al.). This is the first report of molecular cytogenetics in Asian salamanders that has ever been published. The other publication is a review of colleague Michael Schmid's book "The Chromosomes of Terraranan Frogs", the largest group of tropical frogs, published in the prestigious Copeia. Invited talks on Sessions' research on deformed frogs included talks during a recent visit to Slovenia at the University Ljubljana and at the Kapelica Gallery in downtown Ljubljana. Sessions also gave an invited talk at SUNY-Oneonta (Spring 2013) and at Ithaca College (Fall 2013). "The Crytpic Ones" was an SciArt exhibit focused on salamanders at the Schuykill EcoArt Center in Philadelphia, PA (a collaboration with Eco artist Brandon Ballengee). Sessions' Hartwick College Amphibian Research Laboratory also played host to a visiting biology student from the cytogenetics laboratory of Dr. Miryan Rivera of the Central University of Ecuador in Quito.

Over the past academic year, Assistant Professor of Education Gregory Smith has had two manuscripts published, "The effectiveness of a noise-reducing test taking accommodation on students with learning disabilities" (with P.J. Riccomini) in Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, and (also with Riccomini) "Response to intervention: The sum is greater than its parts" in the International Handbook of Student Achievement. Smith was joined by Riccomini and Imani Nero '16 presented "The global epidemic of dropping out of school: The results of current international research" during the spring conference of the International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research held in Atlantic City, NJ.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology Sarah Whiteford will present a paper titled ""Overheard" on College Campuses--Studying Social Media Sites Devoted to Overheard Remarks" at the International Organization of Social Science and Behavior Research Conference from October 14-15 in New Orleans, LA.