Hartwick Style Guide & Brand Documentation

A Hartwick education isn't an end point, but part of a journey. A journey that's challenging, rewarding, and even a little bit messy. So we encourage our students to make it their own. To discover their true talents and awaken their curiosity. To learn by doing and to appreciate the value of making mistakes. We help them find a path that's uniquely theirs, where they'll find sure footing in an ever-changing world.

Our brand personality articulates how we look, feel, and sound. To help members of the Hartwick community prepare materials for publication and distribution, the College brand documentation available for reference.

Hartwick staff and faculty may access and download our brand documentation and the Hartwick Style Guide, by logging onto https://d2l.hartwick.edu/ (Desire2Learn). Hartwick username and password are required. Under "My Courses", select either "Staff" or "Faculty". Under "Content Browser", select the folder for Marketing & Brand Materials. Students who seek College brand documentation, should consult with their staff/faculty organization, club, team advisor or coach or find access through the Office of Campus Activities. They may also contact email communications@hartwick.edu.

The Hartwick College brand includes the following fonts and colors:

  1. DT Elzevir or Times New Roman (serif, primary)
  2. Trade Gothic or Franklin Gothic Book (sans serif, secondary)
  3. Dark Blue - PMS 541
  4. Light Blue - PMS 2995
  5. Dark Gray - 80% black

The Hartwick Hawks brand includes the following fonts and colors:

  1. "Hartwick" is Champion
  2. "Hawks" is Collegiate Outline FLF
  3. Light Blue - PMS 286
  4. Light Gray - 50% black

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