• Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.
  • Professor discussed Botany with a Student.
  • Dewar Union, Hartwick College
  • Yager Bell Tower, Hartwick College

Profile of the Class of 2018

What are Hartwick students like? They tend to be curious, adventurous, independent, and thoughtful. But there's no one way to be a student at Hartwick. There are as many choices as there are students, and the College fosters that independent spirit through hands-on learning, international and other off-campus experiences, and lots of opportunities to work on collaborative projects with our expert faculty.

The Class of 2018 numbered 452  first-year students. Read on for more facts:

  • Residents of 20 states and 10 countries
  • 23% are in National Honor Society
  • 53% participated in community service
  • 36% participated in varsity athletics; 26% served as team captains
  • Many are world travelers, having visited Africa, Australia, Belize, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, England, Guatemala,  Israel, Italy, Kosovo,  Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, and The Virgin Islands
  • 37 served as student-body or class presidents
  • 43 made all-star, all-state, or all-region in musical groups; another 12 performed a lead role or directed a drama production

The Class of 2018 includes editors, musicians, actors, Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout Gold Award recipients, a SCUB diver, martial arts experts, a founder of a clothing line company, relief workers from hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, and a number Emergency Medical Technicians.

Know the Facts.
111The number of full-time faculty members.