History and Symbols

Hartwick College is rich in history—from its establishment as a Seminary in 1797 to its transition to a four-year college in 1927 to the bell that has always rung to mark the beginning of campus gatherings.

As with all Presidential celebrations at Hartwick, the College recognizes the importance of combining that history with our future. While celebrating the Inauguration of Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich, several of Hartwick's most significant symbols, along with Inauguration traditions, will be prominently displayed in honor of this new chapter in the College's history.

To the left, you will find links to each of the symbols being represented during the Inauguration—the Hartwick College seal, the tradition of the Hartwick bell, the history of the Hartwick mace, and the symbolism of academic regalia. To learn more about the history of Hartwick College, please take a moment to visit our History of Hartwick page.