The Hartwick Mace

The mace, now used traditionally as a symbol of authority in the manner of a royal scepter, has evolved from the spiked battle mace of the Middle Ages. The Hartwick College mace, in form a symbol of strength and uprightness, is carved by hand from black ebony, which is known as the king of woods.

The mace was designed and executed by Assistant Professor of Art Earl Cunningham. The dome shape of the top of the mace carries with it a relationship to the church in general. Inlaid in the dome is the Lutheran Coat of Arms, symbolizing Hartwick's tradition as a Lutheran institution. The coat of arms is executed in cloisonne, the traditional technique of joining metal and enamel in design. Around the cylindrical shape, just under the dome, are affixed bronze versions of the Hartwick College seal, the Hartwick Academy seal, and the Hartwick Seminary seal, which symbolize jointly significant dates and developments in the history of Hartwick College.