Delegates & Other Guests

Thank you for helping Hartwick College celebrate the Inauguration of Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich as our 10th President.

The tradition of inviting delegates from educational institutions across the country to participate in the academic procession is an important part of the Inauguration ceremony, and we are grateful that the following chose to help us mark this historic event.

Delegates from Academic Institutions

1636 Harvard University
Jeanette S. Cureton, Ed.M. Alumna
William E. Trueheart, Ed.D. Alumnus

1701 Yale University
Wesley H. Poling, Ph.D. Director of Graduate School Development

1746 Princeton University
David H. Dieck, M.B.A. Alumnus

1789 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Gary A. Herion, Ph.D. Alumnus

1791 University of Vermont
Joseph P. Forgiano Alumnus
Martha B. Forgiano Alumna

1793 Williams College
Sallie S. Han, Ph.D. Alumna

1794 Bowdoin College
Rebecca F. Smith ’83 Executive Assistant to VP of Planning

1795 Union College
Robert J. Butler Alumnus

1812 Princeton Theological Seminary
The Rev. Barry H. Downing, Ph.D. Alumnus

1812 Lycoming College
David Walsh Alumnus

1822 Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Kenneth H. Spitzer, Ph.D. Alumnus

1826 SUNY College at Fredonia
Stephen H. Markuson, Ph.D. Alumnus

1831 Wesleyan University
Harold C. Buckingham Jr., J.D. Alumnus

1832 Wabash College
Craig F. Bielert, Ph.D. Alumnus

1833 Kalamazoo College
James L. King, M.B.A. Alumnus

1837 Mount Holyoke College
Susan R. Hughson Alumna

1842 Ohio Wesleyan University
Kathleen L. Rhinesmith, M.A.T. Alumna; Chair, Board of Trustees

1842 Villanova University
Stephen A. Kolenda, C.P.A. Alumnus

1848 University of Wisconsin
George P. Stephan H’01, J.D., L.L.D. Alumnus

1855 Elmira College
Dawn Marullo Stever Alumna

1855 Bates College
Diane Georgeson, M.D. Alumna

1858 Winona State College
Carol Wahman-Ricci Alumna

1861 Vassar College
Caroline M. Cleinman, M.L.S. Alumna

1865 Cornell University
Valerie Cross Dorn ’84, J.D. Associate University Counsel

1866 Kutztown University
Alden Banks Alumnus

1867 Cedar Crest College
Michelle M. Myers Alumna

1868 Keystone College
Frank Illuzzi Alumnus

1869 Trinity University
Peter N. Livshin, M.A., M.S. Alumnus

1870 Wellesley College
Janie Schwab Alumna

1871 Smith College
Barbara Harrison Mulhern Alumna

1871 Elmhurst College
Bryant L. Cureton, Ph.D., Litt.D., L.H.D. President Emeritus

1872 Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Richard A. Couch, Ph.D. Alumnus

1883 Houghton College
Jonathan W. Sastic, M.D. Alumnus

1885 Goucher College
Leslie Dopkeen, Ph.D. Alumna

1889 SUNY College at Oneonta
Nancy Kleniewski, Ph.D. President

1903 Skidmore College
Michael C. Sposili ’90 Director of Alumni Affairs and College Events

1908 James Madison University
Ruth Goewey Haase Alumna

1911 SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill
Donald P. Zingale, Ph.D. President

1913 SUNY College of Technology at Delhi
Craig S. Wesley, M.A. Dean of Enrollment Services

1924 Misericordia University
Michael A. MacDowell, Ed.D. President

1924 Nazareth College of Rochester
James A. Fenwick ’74, Ed.D. Professor

1932 Bennington College
Elizabeth Ayer, Ph.D. Alumna

1937 Siena College
Teri A. Basdekis Alumna

1941 Manhattanville College
Kathi Fragola Hochberg ’73, M.A.T. Alumna

1948 Marist College
Donald R. Anderson, Ph.D. Alumnus, Professor

1971 SUNY Empire State College
John Insetta, M.A. Alumnus
Linda Insetta Alumna

Delegates from Learned Societies & Professional Organizations

American Philosophical Association
Stefanie Rocknak, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy

American Musicological Society
Diane M. Paige, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Music

Representative of the Upstate New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

Atonement Lutheran Church
Reverend Paul Messner Pastor