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Why Hartwick?

Realize the possibilities. Hartwick is a residential liberal arts and sciences college dedicated to preparing young people to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We’re a close-knit community of thoughtful people who travel, explore, experiment, collaborate and enjoy the fun of surprising ourselves - and sometimes the world. As a Hartwick student, you might:

  • assess the nutrition of children living in the hill tribe villages of northern Thailand.
  • dig up proof that horses were domesticated long before scholars believed, until now.
  • join an international astronomical collaboration at the world's largest radio telescope in Puerto Rico.
  • understand first-hand China's extraordinary ascendance to be the world's second largest economy.
  • connect business and politics with Hartwick alumni business leaders in New York City.
  • build sustainable housing and live a green life at Hartwick's Pine Lake Environmental Campus.
  • use technology in mind-expanding ways. The possibilities are extraordinary, and within reach.

The Hartwick experience offers these great opportunities:

A Personalized Education
A Top-Ranked Study Abroad Program
Student-Faculty Collaboration
January Term
A Unique Environmental Campus for Study & Play

A Personalized Education
At Hartwick, you can tailor your academic experience to meet your interests. With an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio and an average class size of 18, students really get to know their professors. They are experts, and they are mentors who give students the confidence to succeed, in whatever they choose to do. More about our personalized approach to education . . .

A Top-Ranked Study Abroad Program
Hartwick offers well-designed and unique opportunities to study and understand the world. As a result, we're ranked among the top 10 colleges in the nation for the percentage of students studying overseas. A majority of our students study off-campus at some point during their four years at Hartwick. More about study abroad and off-campus programs …

Student/Faculty Collaboration
Lectures are only a part of a Hartwick education. Everywhere you look, students and faculty are working together: faculty advisers and students shaping class schedules; faculty and students discussing ideas and issues; faculty scholars and students working together on projects that contribute new knowledge and change commonly-held beliefs. In short, Hartwick students and Hartwick faculty are thinking and doing together every day. More about student-faculty research opportunities…

January Term
For one glorious month every year, our students focus their energy and attention directly on a singular topic of their choice. Our January Term allows students to enroll in a single course or independent study on campus, do an off-campus internship, or study abroad at diverse locations all across the globe. Faculty-led J Term experiences abroad are life chaning, just ask Hartwick's alumni. More about January Term…

A Unique Pine Lake Campus and Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Studies
The Pine Lake Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Studies promotes sustaining the local, regional, and global environment. The Institute includes the Pine Lake Environmental Campus, a place to learn from and live with nature. Pine Lake's place in the Institute and Hartwick's curriculum (not long ago, for instance, students designed and built environmentally sound "strawbale" and "cob" houses there as part of a class called The Architecture of the Sacred) make it an integral part of the Hartwick experience. More about Pine Lake…

Constance "Connie" Anderson

Constance "Connie" Anderson

All four of my children went to Hartwick; I try to treat students as I wanted the other faculty members to treat my own children.

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