Mail Service

The Copy/Mail Center is the place to go for your mail jobs (United Parcel Service (UPS) and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) - see guidelines below). Open to students, faculty, and staff, and the service is prompt.

Students, faculty, and staff can use their WICKit card for payment.

The Copy/Mail Center is located in Clark Hall, Room 138, phone 607-431-4522.

Hours of Operation - The Copy/Mail Center can be reached at 607-431-4522, or by e-mail: Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 5 p.m. We are normally closed when the College is officially closed.

Help Us Help You - Our goal is to do our best to finish your mail jobs correctly and on time. We can work with you on special requests. However, last-minute requests can unfairly interrupt or delay service to others. We ask only that you observe the mail guidelines, and in return we will do our best to meet your requirements.

To view current US Postal Service prices and regulations, click here, or contact the Copy/Mail Center at 607-431-4522 with questions or to plan your next mailing.

The Copy/Mail Center provides services from UPS (including overnight) and the U.S. Postal Service. If you wish to use other carriers, such as FEDEX, arrangements must be made by you directly with the carrier.

Mail (UPS and USPS) Guidelines
Large Mail Jobs
Should We Use "in-house" or "out-sourced" Mail Services
Out-sourced Service Providers

Mail (UPS and USPS) Guidelines

At the Copy/Mail Center we can process most first-class mail and UPS. We are a UPS pickup site Monday through Friday, so you do not need to call UPS if you have a call tag or an ARS label (Authorized Return Service). Sorry, we handle only UPS and USPS at this time.

Our postal equipment is capable of sealing envelopes, applying postage according to the weight of each piece, and charging back departments based on account numbers provided.

Facilities staff deliver and pick up mail from the Oneonta Post Office Monday through Friday.

Hartwick return addresses:

From faculty or staff:
Person name
Department or building name (optional)
Hartwick College
PO Box 4020
Oneonta, NY 13820
From a student:
Student name
Hartwick College # [campus box no.]
PO Box 4020
Oneonta, NY 13820

In order to efficiently handle our large volumes of mail, we ask that departments adhere to the following guidelines:

Packages for UPS must be delivered to the Copy/Mail Center by 4 p.m. for same-day shipment. Use street addresses--PO Box numbers are not accepted. For international shipments, the recipient's telephone number and description of contents are required.

Mail items or pieces for USPS Mail must be delivered to the Copy/Mail Center by 2:30 p.m. for same-day mailing.

Let us know about your large mailings well in advance (two weeks at the minimum) so that we can plan for extra postage and staffing.

Separate domestic first-class mail from international air mail.

Provide the departmental account number for mailing charges on the front of each bundle of mail. Specify the type of delivery: insured, certified, ground, next day, 2nd day.

Do not mix sealed and unsealed envelopes.

Flaps of envelopes need to be closed, not nested open and not tucked in.

Inserts must be stuffed completely inside envelopes.

Clasp envelopes must come to us sealed over the clasp to avoid an extra charge.

If your mail piece has a gloss finish, please affix a label or order mail piece with a flat finish where the postage is to be applied, to prevent smudging of the meter ink, to ensure delivery.

Since the postage machine does not handle irregular or small-sized postcards very well, please use postage-paid postcards or manually apply postage stamps to these types of postcards.

Roll(s) of stamps are available at the Oneonta Post Office.

Large Mail Jobs

If you have a large mailing, it can be very cost effective to plan an entire mailing through all its stages. From concept, design, printing, fulfillment, and mailing, a knowledgeable professional can save you money, time, and headaches. The Copy/Mail Center or an out-sourced vendor can help with the planning. You should also consider the following in your planning process:

Quantity/size of mailing

Design of the mail piece and all components

Timeline for the entire project

Need for letter merges and/or personalized inserts

U.S. Postal Service discounts are available.

Service fees are charged for folding, inserting, drop off/pick up, sorting, bundling, tray direct addressing

Electronic addressing and other document file formats that are required

Address verification and correction services such as Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS), which verifies addresses as deliverable and bar codes and/or National Change of Address (NCOA) service, which cross checks and corrects addresses with the USPS database.

While the Copy/Mail Center will be able to handle large prepared first-class mailings, you may want to consider other mailing and service options based upon your mailing requirements. For example, mailings of more than 200 identical pieces may qualify for non-profit standard (bulk) discounts; 500 first-class pieces can also qualify for discounts. These discounts can add up to significant savings. If you have a mailing that qualifies for "bulk" rates, we require that you use outside vendors for mail fulfillment services such as folding, inserting, addressing, and mailing according to U.S. Postal Service guidelines, in order to obtain the discount.

Bulk Mail Job Specification Form (Word document)

Should We Use "In-house" or "Out-sourced" Mail Services?

The following summarizes services available at the Hartwick Copy/Mail Center and those provided by outside vendors, so that you can easily pick which option works you.

- Use the Copy/Mail Center if you have or are looking for:

Daily department mail already addressed, in envelopes, ready for postage to be applied according to the weight of each piece (includes first-class mailings less than 200 pieces)

Work area for preparing large mailings: a) Mailings less than 200 pieces to be posted in-house, b) Mailings of 200 or more pieces to be marked by out-sourced vendor to qualify for standard non-profit bulk mail rates

Production of inserts (photo copying, printing of letter merges/personalized inserts, etc.)

- Use Out-sourced Service Providers if you have or are looking for:

Bulk mailings in quantity of 200 or more pieces requiring folding, inserting, direct addressing (printing addresses on envelopes), letter merges/personalized inserts from electronic files

Verification of addresses as deliverable and bar coding

Printing of business reply envelopes/cards, letters, envelopes, and other components for specific mailings

Postage using your out-sourced vendors mail permit

Out-Sourced Service Providers

If you find that you need the help of an outside service provider, the following list is for your convenience. The Copy/Mail Center does not endorse any one vendor over another - you should shop your job with multiple vendors to get the best service and price. Note: The cost of your mailing must be charged to the vendor's mailing permit (not Hartwick's mail permit) and should be reflected on your Purchase Order with the vendor whenever possible.




Curtis 1000

Terry Tesak
Voice: 800-776-0997 ext. 3595
Cell: 315-664-6969
FAX: 315-735-7988

Design, printing, mail fulfillment

Immediate Mailing Services, Inc.

Mark Stagnitta
Voice: 800-466-4189
FAX: 315-463-6070

Mail fulfillment

PJ Green, Inc.

Lisa Darling
Voice: 315-235-2645
FAX: 315-724-6344

Mail fulfillment

Brigar, Inc.

Tracy Terry
Voice: 518-437-5349
Cell: 518-466-3566
FAX: 518-438-0224

Mail fulfillment

Velocity Print Solutions
705 Corporations Park
Scotia, NY 12302

Tom Husted, Account Executive
Cell: 607-341-5562

Design, printing, mail fulfillment

Bob Carr 2.0 Printing & Mailing
12 Hall Street
Binghamton, NY 13903

Sandra Cohn
Voice: 607-772-0687
Cell: 607-222-3568
FAX: 607-772-8820

Design, printing, mail fulfillment

Chenango Union Printing -Direct Mailing Solutions
Voice: 607-334-1958
FAX: 607-334-9205

Design, printing, mail fulfillment