• Hartwick students studying rock formations
  • Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.
  • Hartwick students working on a project in class.
  • Yager Bell Tower, Hartwick College

The Network

Every student has an individual network connection in his or her residence hall room. Newer notebook computers come with a built-in Ethernet networking adapter. To get onto the network, simply connect your computer to the data networking jack with a data cable. Once on the network, you can access (with your password) e-mail, the Internet, and other campus resources such as Hartwick's Web page, the Stevens-German Library, and Desire2Learn (eLearning software). Problems or questions concerning the network can be called in to the Technology Resource Center (x4357).

Every faculty and staff member with an office also has a network connection. There is also at least one network connection in every classroom, with many classrooms having enough network connections so that each student can attach his/her notebook to the network. Hartwick's goal is to continue to add more completely networked classrooms as well as increase network bandwidth to meet our academic mission.

Wireless networking is also important on campus. Below is a list of public areas where wireless networking is available. All are 802.11a/b/g.

Locations of Wireless Access Points & Service Available

Academic and Administrative Areas

Anderson Center For The Arts:

  • First floor Art Lab
  • First floor hallway outside Theatre
  • First floor hallway north
  • Hallway outside Room 122
  • Second floor Art Circle
  • Second floor Music Circle
  • Second floor hallway east
Binder PE Center:
  • First floor hallway
  • Second floor hallway
  • Third floor Atrium
Bresee Hall:
  • Basement Lab Theatre
  • Admissions Area (including Larson Lounge)
  • Bresee 103
  • Bresee 208
  • Bresee 209
  • Second floor hallway
  • Third floor hallway
  • Outside south Arnold Rain Garden
Clark Hall:
  • First floor Atrium
  • Hallway outside Clark 138
  • Clark 125
  • Clark 230
  • Hallway outside Clark 261
  • Hallway outside Clark 248
  • Clark 327
  • Clark 346
  • Clark 357
Dewar Hall:
  • First floor Stack Lounge
  • First floor Laura's Cafe
  • Second floor Commons
  • Second floor Cheseboro Room
  • Second floor Farrington Room
  • Third floor hallway south
  • Third floor hallway north
  • Fourth floor hallway south
  • Fourth floor hallway north
Golisano Hall:
  • All floors
Miller-Johnstone Science Center:
  • Miller hallway outside Room 127
  • Miller 142
  • Miller 214
  • Miller hallway outside Room 250
  • Miller hallway outside Room 335
  • Miller 352
  • Miller 314
  • Miller hallway outside Room 459
  • Miller hallway outside Room 430
  • JSC 103
  • JSC 213
  • JSC 202
  • JSC third floor hallway Atrium
  • JSC 305
  • JSC 401
  • JSC 413
Shineman Chapel House:
  • First floor hallway east
Perrella Wellness Center:
  • First floor Nurse Station
Yager Hall
  • First floor Museum
  • Library second floor east
  • Library third floor west
  • Yager 321
  • Yager 328
  • Library fourth floor north
  • Yager 415
  • Library fourth floor all-night study area
  • Library fifth floor west

Residential & Student Life Areas

  • 67 & 71 West Street
  • Hilltop House: 1st floor lounge, 3rd floor lounge
  • Holmes Hall: 2nd floor lounge, 3rd floor lounge
  • Leitzell Hall: 1st floor lounge, 3rd floor
  • Oyaron House: 1st floor lounge, 3rd floor lounge
  • Saxton Hall: 1st floor lounge, 3rd floor lounge
  • Smith Halls: 1st floor lounge, 2nd floor lounge
  • Townhouses: A4, 2nd floor; B3, 2nd floor; C2, 2nd floor; D3, 2nd floor
  • Van Ess Hall: 1st floor lounge
Note: Thinking about installing your own wireless access points, routers, or game hardware on Hartwick's network? Please be aware that these devices must be able to run Sygate Secure Enterprise if they are to gain access to network resources. If you have questions about Sygate and what devices can attach to the network, please contact the Technology Resource Center at x4357.

And Now Some Network Details

The Hartwick Network is an Ethernet network, with an Ethernet Gigabit backbone. That means that each building is connected with a high-speed (1 gigabit) fiber optic connection. In each building there is a "wiring closet," where the fiber optic backbone is converted into 100baseT Ethernet which uses copper wire to bring 10/100 Mbit speeds to every notebook or desktop computer on campus. The end result of Hartwick's network is that every computer on our campus can talk to every other computer, including the Internet. We are using the TCP/IP networking protocol on campus, which is the universal language of the Internet.