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Technology Forms

Responsible Use of Technology Form
This form covers the user's responsibilities and acceptable use of Hartwick's technology resources. The signed and dated form must accompany any of the Account Request Forms below. To get the PDF form, click here.

Account Request Form
Visiting students or long-term guests requesting a Hartwick network, email  and/or Desire2Learn (D2L) account, faculty and staff requesting an account name change, and alumni requesting account reactivation should complete this form.  To get the PDF form, click here.

Organization/Club/Departmental Account Request Form
Hartwick departments, recognized organizations, or clubs who require a network or e-mail account (e.g., an account using the name of the organization, club or department), or a share on Einstein should complete this form. To get the PDF form, Click here.

Ingeniux Permissions Request Form
This form is to be used by members of the Hartwick College Community to request access for creating and editing Hartwick Web pages in Ingeniux. Departmental requests should be from officially recognized College departments and must be approved by the department chair or director. To get the PDF form, click here.

Software Access Form
This form is used by members of the Hartwick College community to request write/modify privileges on College-supported software systems such as the Online Calendar, Blackboard Transaction system, and Blackboard eLearning system. To get the PDF form, click here.

Guest Contract Form
Guests who are sponsored by the College or who have made arrangements to obtain residence hall room(s) on campus (such as music campers, sports campers, visiting teams, etc.) should use this contract form to request voice and/or data (Internet) services for your room. Print, complete, and return this form with payment three weeks prior to arrival on campus to guarantee service. To get the PDF contract, click here.

Office Move Form
This form tells Telecommunications to move phone numbers and fax numbers from one location to another and also allows you to request help to move equipment. Submit this form at least ten days prior to the move.

IT Project Proposal Form
The purpose of this form is to provide the Administrative Information Technology Advisory Committee (AITAC) with information about what types of technology projects are being considered by different areas of the College. To get the WORD form, click here. (Members of the Hartwick community may learn more about AITAC by logging on to the Committee page on D2L.)