Personal Wireless Router Policy

Wireless routers not installed and managed by Hartwick College Information Technology are not permitted on the Hartwick College campus.

Personal wireless routers may create interference with our enterprise wireless access points and impact the network performance of wireless network users. They can also allow unauthorized access by individuals with no association to Hartwick College, even someone sitting in a parking lot. This can result in excessive bandwidth use, or worse, the theft of private information due to unencrypted, or poorly encrypted, network traffic. Personal wireless routers may also confuse faculty, staff, students or guests with an unknown and unsecure wireless network.

Hartwick's wireless network has approximately 250 wireless access points. These are managed access points configured to provide optimal connection and speed. This means that a personal wireless router may slow down or drop the network for many other nearby users, because the configuration of the personal router may conflict with the College's devices.

Personal wireless routers use the same wired infrastructure (path to the Internet) as the College's devices and will experience the same variable speed especially during peak hours. Using a personal wireless router will not increase network speed and will likely cause poor performance for the owner and for others nearby.

IT will identify personal wireless routers by using wireless network management tools. If a personal router is found, we will take steps to disable the device's network connection.

If you want to use a wireless router in wired mode only to have more Ethernet ports in your room, you must disable the wireless feature. This is done through the router's settings. If you need assistance, or if you have questions about the College's network, please contact the Technology Resource Center at 607-431-4357 or by emailing