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Analog Phone Features Overview

Hartwick's phone system supports two types of phones--digital phones in administrative and academic areas, and analog phones in residence halls. Analog phones are like the phones you would use at home, but on Hartwick's phone system they have many features that will be useful to you. The list below covers what those analog phone features are and how they are used:

* Please Note: You should initialize your voice mailbox and frequently check it for messages if you opt in for this free service. Even if you use a cell phone, you should still initialize both your voice mailbox and your e-mail account, because that is how faculty and administrators will communicate with you. Save your cellular minutes, too! Free local and on-campus calling, free incoming calls. Remember to tell your family and friends your new campus extension each time you change rooms.

Some Quick Tips

  • To listen to your voice-mail from on campus, dial 7900 (Local off campus: 431-7900; long distance: 607-431-7900). Once in voice-mail, press [#], enter your mailbox number, enter your password.
  • Dial by name: dial 4222.
  • To make an off-campus call: press 9.
  • To place local toll or long-distance calls, a calling card is required. This applies to sending faxes as well. A fax machine for your use is located at the Switchboard in Dewar Union.

Tones: When you are using the phone system, you may hear the following tones:

  • 2 beeps - confirmation tone (what you did was accepted)
  • 1 beep - progress tone (the system is prompting for the next step)
  • Fast busy - what you did was rejected by the system
  • Ring-beep - the extension you are calling is busy

Rings: Different rings signify types of incoming calls:

  • One ring - internal call
  • Two rings - external call
  • Three fast rings - intercom call or call back

Words: System prompts that you may hear when using the phone system:

  • “Enter”: you have pressed switchhook and are prompted for a feature code (except when transferring)
  • “Held”: you have a call on hold
  • “Message, Message”: you have received a callback
  • “Voice Message”: you have received a voice-mail message
  • “Forward”: you have forwarded your phone
  • “Conference”: you have a conference on hold
  • “Invalid”: you have dialed an invalid number

Abbreviated Dialing: To store and call frequently used off-campus phone numbers

To store it:
To use it:

Lift handset and listen for dial tone.

Lift handset and listen for dial tone.

Press [#] [4] [*]

Press [#] [4]

Enter one-digit storage number.

Enter assigned storage number.

Press 9 for an outside line, and continue to dial the phone number. When done, you will hear a 2-beep confirmation tone.

Your call will be automatically dialed.

Hang up. When finished with call, hang up.

Call Forward: To set your phone line to call-forward to another phone on campus (You cannot forward off campus):

  • Lift handset and listen for dial tone
  • Press [#] [3]
  • Enter the extension you wish to forward to
  • Hang up
  • To un-forward, press [*] [3]

Hold: To put a call on hold (You cannot put calls on hold forever! Maximum hold time is 3 minutes, at which time the system will automatically ring you back with the holding party):

  • Using the switchhook: while on the phone, press your switchhook button down for half a second--don't press too long, or you will disconnect the call. You have now put your current call on hold and can make or take another call.
  • If your analog phone has a flash hook button, you can use this button to put your calling party on hold.

Call Waiting: While you are on the phone and you hear a beep (indicating someone else is trying to reach you):

  • Press switchhook
  • Press [*] [4], you will hear 'Held', and the second calling party will be connected
  • When finished with the second party, press switchhook
  • Press [*] [4]
  • Hear ring and lift handset to be connected back to original caller

Call Transfer (on campus only):

  • Press switchhook
  • Dial extension
  • Hang up, or stay on the line to announce transfer, then hang up

3-Party Conference (on campus only):

  • Begin with one party on the line
  • Press switchhook
  • Dial extension of second party
  • Press switchhook
  • Dial extension of third party
  • Announce conference call
  • Press switchhook to connect all parties

Callback: To set a callback on a busy or unanswered extension (on campus only):

  • Dial the extension; if you hear a ring-beep, it indicates the line is busy
  • Press [*] [7] and hang up
  • When the called party is off the phone, your phone will ring back to the called party

If someone has put a Call Back on your phone:

  • Pick up handset; you will hear "message, message"
  • Press [*] [7]; you will be connected to the extension that called you

Last Number Redial (works when calling off-campus phone numbers only):

  • Lift handset and listen for dial tone
  • Press [#] [9]