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Digital Phone Features

Hartwick's phone system supports two types of phones: digital phones in administrative/academic areas, and analog phones in residence hall areas. Below are links to Quick Reference Guides in PDF format for the digital phones used on campus. You can view them online or print:

12-button phone

30-button phone

Some Quick Tips

  • To listen to your voice mail from on campus, dial 7900 (local off-campus: 431-7900; long distance: 607-431-7900). Once in voice mail, press [#], enter your mailbox number, and enter your password.
  • Dial by name: dial 4222 and enter the last name of the person you want to reach on the keypad of your phone.
  • To make an off-campus call: Press 9.
  • Faculty and staff are issued PINs (personal identification numbers) that allow them to make billable local and long-distance calls through the phone system. Monthly telephone bills are sent to the owners of those PINs in e-mail from STC. To contact STC, click here or e-mail help@STCservices.com.

Tones: When you use the phone system, you may hear the following tones:

  • 2 beeps: confirmation tone (what you did was accepted)
  • 1 beep: progress tone (a personal security code is required)
  • Fast busy: what you did was rejected by the system
  • Ring-beep:the extension you’re calling is busy

Rings: Different rings signify types of incoming calls:

  • One ring: internal call
  • Two rings: external call
  • Three fast rings: intercom call or call-back

Words: System prompts that you may hear when using the phone system:

  • “Enter”: you have pressed switchhook and are prompted for a feature code (except when transferring)
  • “Held”: you have a call on hold
  • “Message, Message”: you have received a Callback
  • “Voice Message”: you have received a voice mail message
  • “Forward”: you have forwarded your phone
  • “Conference”: you have a conference on hold
  • “Invalid”: you have dialed an invalid number

Visual Signals: Digital phones use red LEDs to indicate their status

  • Steady: a feature is activated or line is in use
  • Slow blink: incoming call
  • Blink: call on hold
  • Fast blink: voice message waiting or call back is set

Placing Calls

  • On campus, to reach a campus phone: dial the four-digit extension (e.g., 4357)
  • Calls within the 607 area code: dial 9+the number
  • Toll calls within 607 area code: dial 9+1+area code+the number+(hear beep), enter your PIN
  • Calls outside the 607 area code: dial 9+1+area code+the number+(hear beep), enter your PIN
  • International calls: dial 9011+country code+city code+the number+(hear beep), enter your PIN
  • If sending a FAX, you may need to insert 4-8 pauses before your PIN