Phone Frequently Asked Questions

To contact Telecom: 607-431-4985 or

Basic telephone info: faculty  staff

Calling Card

Cell Phones: For Hartwick-issued cell phones, contact Telecom

Conference Calling:

  • From your digital phone (up to seven phone numbers, on or off-campus)
  • Conference bridge (for phone participation in a meeting with basically unlimited number of off-campus participants): Contact Telecom

International Dialing: Note: Start with 9-011

Long Distance PIN: See "Quick Tips" in Digital Phone Features

No dial tone:

  • Verify that the cable is plugged securely into the black jack on the wall.
  • Verify that the cable is plugged securely into the phone.
  • Contact Telecom

Office move: Submit this form

Problems with digital phones:

  • Can't hear in handset: Contact Telecom for a new handset and cord
  • Change or add phone numbers: Contact Telecom
  • Change programming of phone feature buttons: Contact Telecom
  • Display problems:
    • Adjust the dial on the far right side of the phone
    • Reset phone: Dial #*112, hang up, let it ring twice; pick up and hang up
  • Extension number: To hear the extension number of a phone, dial #*113
  • Fast busy signal on long distance calls:
    • Verify that you are dialing the correct PIN
    • Note: Calls to some villages in the 607 area are long distance (e.g. Cooperstown and Walton). Start with 9-1-607.
  • No ring:
    • Adjust the ringer dial on the left side of the phone
    • Dial #6 to turn off "Do not disturb"
  • Port number: Dial #*119 and make a note of the numbers (Cabinet, Shelf, Slot, and Circuit); Report the numbers to Telecom
Voice mail: For questions, contact Telecom
  • Note: Deleted voice mail messages cannot be recovered.