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Telecom Charges and Guest Services Fees

Service Charges for Faculty, Staff, and Currently Enrolled Students
Guest Services, Fees, and Service Request Contract
Guest Calling Options
Internet/Network Computer Requirements


Service Charges for Faculty, Staff, and Currently Enrolled Students


  • Phone jack with dial tone for your phone/FAX
  • Cable TV: to see channel lineup and pay premium options click here
  • Data connection: to read more about Hartwick's data network click here
  • Testing and troubleshooting problems during office hours
  • Local calling - Oneonta area


  • Additional phone lines in office or residence hall
  • After-hours help or support (non-emergency)
  • Local toll calls and long distance calls
  • Phones for office or residence hall (students bring their own phone)

Guest Services, Fees, and Service Request Contract

The following list of services and fees apply to all guests sponsored by the College or who have made arrangements to obtain space within College buildings via the College Scheduling Office (x4415) or Residential Life and Housing (x4302). Please contact Telecommunications at x4357 (HELP) if you have questions or to arrange for service. All services are provided on a weekly (or in some cases monthly) basis; discounts are not provided for shorter or longer terms.

Click here to get the Guest Service Request Contract. This contract must be filled out, signed, and returned with full payment at least three weeks before voice or data service can commence.

Note: Although voice/data jacks may exist in your assigned campus location, services are not automatically provided. Using these services without notifying Telecommunications first can be considered theft of service.

The INFO line announces any service outages on campus. To reach the INFO line, just dial INFO (4636) or from off campus dial 607-431-INFO (4636).

Guest Services Cost

Standard Phone: Residence hall analog phone service (bring your own analog phone and 25-foot line cord). Includes voice-mail. Click here for guest calling options.

$25 installation,
$7/week. Add $5 per month to rent a standard analog phone

Digital phone service: Not available in residence halls. Includes digital phone and voice-mail. Click here for guest calling options. $25 installation, $15/month
Cable TV: Bring your own cable-ready TV and 25-foot coax cable. Premium services are available at additional cost. Click here to see the channel lineup. Included in room rate
FAX lines: Bring your own FAX or FAX/modem. Not available in all areas. E-mail Telecom@hartwick.edu for availability information. $25 installation, $7/week
Internet/network: Bring your own laptop or desktop. Click here for computer requirements and what guests must do before connecting to Hartwick's data network. Note to the parents/guardians of minors (less than 18 years old): Hartwick College does not block or filter Web sites for inappropriate content. By signing up for this service the Requestor and Parent/Guardian have determined and agree that this type of Internet service is appropriate for their use.

$25 installation fee, $7/week access fee
(Includes health check of your computer and the installation of the Sygate Secure Agent. Please bring your computer to the Technology Resource Center, Clark 1st floor, 9am-5pm, Mon.-Fri. for these services to be completed)

Consulting Fees/Support Personnel: Subject to availability of appropriate professional staff and/or student staff Staff: $45/hour Student Staff: $15/hour
Additional phone or network jacks and other wiring Time ($45/hour) and materials. Rush orders (less than 2 weeks notice) add $50
Computer Lab Rental See Computer Charges and Rentals.

Guest Calling Options: For guests, Oneonta calls are free. Local toll calls/long-distance calls can be made using the guest's pre-paid or calling credit cards (pre-paid calling cards are available at the Hartwick Bookstore).

Internet/Network Computer Requirements for Guests: The Hartwick data network can provide high-speed Ethernet network connections to Hartwick's host systems and the Internet. The following computer requirements apply:

  • Microsoft Windows XP operating system
  • Ability to use Ethernet networking
  • All Microsoft Windows updates must be installed
  • Anti-virus software must be installed and updated. If you do not have working anti-virus software, you can purchase this software from the Technology Resource Center, the Hartwick Bookstore, or other stores in the Oneonta area such as Wal-Mart and Office Max.
  • A health check of your computer and the installation of the Sygate Secure Agent (which is required to access Hartwick's network) will be performed by the Technology Resource Center and is included in our installation fee.

If you need help configuring your computer system, consulting services are available for an hourly fee. The terms and conditions of the latest Hartwick College Technology Resources User Responsibilities and "Acceptable Use Policy" govern all users of College computing resources. A copy of this policy should be given to you when you receive your data service or can be obtained from the Technology Resource Center, Clark Hall 150.