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Hartwick Voice-Mail Hints

Hartwick faculty, and staff have individual voice mail boxes. Most academic and administrative departments also have departmental voice mail boxes, which are linked to the department's main number. Students may request voice mail by submitting this form.

The following hints assume that you know how to use the features of the voice mail system. If you need a refresher, click here.

General Voice Mail Hints

  • Always reply to your voice mail messages, so that everyone reaps the benefits of using voice mail.
  • Be sure to record your name on your voice mail box; your recorded name confirms the voice mail box owner for internal and external callers.
  • Be sure to record greetings and voice mail messages in a noise-free environment and in a clear, direct manner.
  • When you receive a voice mail message from another on-campus extension, press 8 to reply directly to the sender's voice mail box. After listening to the message, you can also press 8, 8 to be directly transferred to the caller's campus extension.
  • To check your voice mail from on campus, dial 7900, press the # key, and enter your extension and password.
  • To check your voice mail box from off campus, dial 607-431-7900, press the # key, and enter your extension and password.
  • If you will not be checking your voice mail box for an extended period, you should always set an extended absence greeting, telling callers how to reach you or specifying who is designated to take your calls.

Departmental Voice Mail Hints

  • Do not allow yourself or your staff to “hide” behind the voice mail system.
  • Be sure to record a greeting that mentions the department name, department location, the hours when the department is open, and any other information that may be helpful to the caller.
  • Some offices should not use voice mail to answer their main number. Keep in mind the quality of the experience that you are providing your caller.

If you have additional questions or would like Telecommunications to perform a voice mail audit or training session with your staff, please contact Telecom at 607-431-4985 or send e-mail to telecom@hartwick.edu.