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Voice-Mail Overview

The following features are available after entering your voice mail box with your password:

Message Review Options
End of Message Options
Sending Options
To Locate Messages
Group Distribution Lists
Record Your Name on Your Voice mail Box
Create a Greeting on your Voice mail Box
Change Your Voice mail Password


  • Message Review Options
    Rewind 10 seconds, press [1]
    Back to the beginning, press [1],[1]
    Pause/restart, press [2]
    Skip forward 10 seconds, press [3]
    Jump to the end, press [3],[3]
    Play the message slower, press [4]
    Play the message faster, press [6]
    Play the message normal, press [8]
    Play message louder, press [9]
    Skip a message, press [#].
    Skip new messages to hear an archived message, press [#] [#]
    Cancel the message review, press [*]
    Help, press [0]
  • End of Message Options
    Repeat a message, press [4]
    Envelope information, press [5] (Envelope Information is the date, time and source of call)
    Reply to a message, press [8]
    Reply by ringing the caller, press [8],[8]
    Send a copy of the message, press [6]
    Send a copy of a copy with only your remarks [6],[6]
    Delete a message, press [7]
    Archive (save) a message, press [9]

  • Sending Options
    Press [2] to send a message
    Record your message, press [#]
    Enter the destination mailbox number, and select delivery options: Normal [ #]; Private [1]; Urgent [2]; Message Confirmation [3]; and Future Delivery [4]
  • To Locate Messages
    This feature allows you to find out if a message has been heard by the receiver:
    Press [3] for locate message
    Enter mailbox number or press # for spell the name to whom your message was sent

  • Group Distribution Lists
    This feature allows you to create a personal voice mail distribution list to which you can send voice mail messages using a 2-digit number. You may store up to 5 group lists with 10 mailbox numbers per list. Here's how you do it:
    Press [4] for personal options
    Press [2] for administrative options
    Press [2] for group lists
    You will have options to choose from, such as creating, editing, deleting, and renaming lists (Choose Creating to start).
    Press [1] to create a new list
    Assign a 2-digit number
    Record a name for your group
    Enter the mailbox number or spell the names of those persons you would like included

For more features and a graphical flowchart of Octel's Voice mail 'Quick Reference Guide' click here. Not all features are available to all users--if there is a feature you do not have, the system will indicate that to you.