Voice Mail Request Form

Use this form to request a free voice mailbox associated with the 4-digit extension assigned to your residence hall room telephone jack. To determine your 4-digit extension, plug an analog phone into the black jack (white jack in Oyaron and Hilltop) nearest your bed and dial #*113. An automated voice will speak your 4-digit extension. It should begin with a 6 or 7.

If your 4-digit extension begins with a 2, please call our office at x4985 or e-mail telecom@hartwick.edu and provide your jack location, which is written on the telephone connection box. Or dial #*119 and wait for an automated voice to speak the port number (e.g. Cabinet xx, Shelf xx, Slot xx, Circuit xx) and send that to telecom@hartwick.edu.

First Name:
Last Name:
Student ID number:
Hartwick e-mail address: @hartwick.edu

Do you want voice mail? Yes No

If yes, dial #*113 to get your 4-digit extension number and enter it here:

If you are a returning student and would like to have your old voicemail messages moved to your new voice mailbox, enter your old 4-digit extension:

You will be contacted by email once your voice mailbox has been established.
It is your responsibility to properly initialize your voice mailbox and maintain it.
Click here for further instructions.