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Computer Security

Click on the links below to learn more about computer security and how to protect your computer and its files.

Click here to learn about computer security basics.

Sygate Security Agent - The Sygate Security Agent is your key to safely gain access to Hartwick's network and Internet resources and is required software on all computers which connect to the Hartwick network. Read more...

Spam (unsolicited junk e-mail) - If you have a Hartwick e-mail account, then you now have access to a centralized Spam detection firewall, the Barracuda, which can manage all that Spam and more.

Viruses and Worms - All Hartwick-issued computers come with Symantec's Anti-Virus installed. Recently, viruses and worms have exploited weaknesses in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Users are encouraged to update their virus definitions (LiveUpdate) and to keep their Windows updates current as well.

Adware and SpyWare - Spyware and Adware software is typically installed on your computer without your knowledge. Simply visiting an infected or malicious Web site or using file-sharing software can install this software on your computer.

Microsoft's Service Pack 2 - Updated information for Windows XP users.