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Securing College-Owned Computers

 While the growth of the Internet has led to a revolution in how we think and interact with our world, the bad news is there is an expanding list of threats that can harm your computer, or worse, put your personal information at risk. Recent evidence shows:

  • 6 out of 10 e-mails are now considered spam that consist of phishing attempts (getting users to divulge personal information with fake offers or fake warnings) or contain viruses or worms.
  • Within seconds an unpatched computer attached to any network can be taken over and used to send more Spam, host pornography, or host software that can attack other computers.
  • The threats continue to increase daily, and some old threats even get recycled and come around again.

In an effort to protect Hartwick-owned computers, the College has selected Symantec Endpoint Protection to ensure network security on our campus. Computers that  are joined to the Hartwick domain and connected to the network will receive Symantec updates automatically over the network.

Why is Security of the Network so Important?

From a campus perspective, much of our daily lives (study, work, play) depends upon access to a dependable network and Internet; the College needs to take steps to ensure availability of this valuable resource to all constituents on campus: students, faculty, staff, and special guests. From a personal perspective, Symantec Endpoint Protection provides protection for your computer and its data.


If you have any questions, please call the Technology Resource Center at x4357.