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Virus Information

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and others from virus infection is to use and maintain your anti-virus software. Every Hartwick computer issued to students, faculty, or staff is configured with anti-virus software installed and pre-subscribed to Symantec for live updates.* We require that any user who connects to Hartwick's network and Internet resources, whether using a Hartwick-issued computer or a personally-owned computer, must have anti-virus software installed and working. It is the responsibility of the person who uses or owns the computer to:

  1. Run "live update" at least once a day to keep your anti-virus definitions current and
  2. Run a virus scan at least once a month

* Windows Critical Updates - Hartwick automatically downloads and installs Windows critical updates to any Hartwick-issued computer attached to the campus network.

Personally-Owned Computers

It is a violation of College policies to connect any computer (personally-owned or Hartwick-issued) to Hartwick's network without a licensed, working anti-virus program which is subscribed to receive virus definition updates. There are generally two components to anti-virus software which must be running on your personal computer in order to attach to Hartwick's network:

  1. The anti-virus software itself, which is used to scan your computer for viruses. The software may have been installed on your personal computer when you purchased it. If not, or if it was a demo version that has expired, the software will need to be purchased. Personal purchases of anti-virus software can be done online (see links below) or through the College Bookstore.
  2. Your personal computer must be subscribed to an anti-virus company such as Symantec or McAfee, to receive new virus definition updates so that new viruses can be detected. When you buy anti-virus software, you generally get a period of time (typically one year) when you can receive virus definition updates for free. After this period, you will need to subscribe to their service to continue to get the updates.

Note: Expired versions of anti-virus software or old virus definitions will not protect your computer from viruses!