Faculty Computer Upgrades

Full-time faculty at Hartwick College get computer upgrades every three years on a rotating schedule, so that one third of the faculty is upgraded every summer.

To see when your department will upgrade next, refer to the table below. If you have questions about the computer upgrades, please contact delbeneb@hartwick.edu.

Department Cycle Next Upgrade Year
Biology B 2014
Chemistry B 2014
Economics B 2014
History B 2014
Nursing B 2014
Political Science B 2014
Sociology B 2014
Computer & Information Sciences C 2015
English & Theatre Arts C 2015
Geology & Environmental Sciences C 2015
Mathematics C 2015
Modern & Classical Languages C 2015
Philosophy & Religious Studies C 2015
Physics C 2015
Anthropology A 2016
Art & Art History A 2016
Business Administration & Accounting A 2016
Education A 2016
Music A 2016
Psychology A 2016