Hartwick College Guest Wireless Network (HCHawksGuest)

The HCHawksGuest wireless network is an open (unencrypted) wireless network available for visitors to the campus who cannot register under a Hartwick email address and password for access to the secure HCWHawks network. Visitors who create a guest account are given access to the network for three days. A visitor may re-register after their three days expires if they will be here longer than 3 days, but not long-term. If a faculty or staff member has a long term visitor coming to campus, they may request a long term visitor account by contacting the Technology Resource Center at 607-431-4357.

To access the guest network:
1. Click the wireless icon on your laptop (for handheld devices, this is usually under "settings").
2. Select the HCHawksGuest network and click connect.
3. You may receive a warning that this is an unsecure wireless network. Click to connect anyway.
4. On a handheld device, a Meru networks registration page may open automatically. On a laptop, or if the window does not open automatically, open your web browser and the Meru networks page will load.
5. Select the Create a Guest Account option.
6. Enter the information requested and click Generate Account.
7. The next windows will contain your guest account login information (email address and assigned password). Make a note of this.
8. Click Login.

For printable instructions, click here.

If you have any questions about Hartwick College technology or the wireless network, please contact the Technology Resource Center at 607-431-4357 or at technology@hartwick.edu.