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Caution on Internet Downloads

The ability to easily download programs from the Internet, install, and begin using a software package within minutes has created a whole new way of selling and providing software products for you to use. However, installing new software may have some unwanted side effects.

The number of calls received by the Technology Resource Center requesting assistance with the following problems increases every year. After an install of new software, users report:

  • The computer freezes (stops responding to the keyboard or mouse) .
  • Windows files are missing.
  • The computer will not boot .
  • The computer runs slower than ever--Internet access is slow, access to on-campus programs is slow.
  • E-mail doesn't work.
  • Settings have been changed in Internet Explorer--user's default home page is set to a casino or pornographic website, for example.
  • Ads pop-up continually, which become increasingly annoying, slow the computer, and hinder use of other software applications. Even when the software is un-installed, the pop-up ads do not go away!

That's just the beginning--you could also put your computer and your personal files at risk if you use software which is not from a trusted source (e.g., Microsoft, Netscape, or a reputable vendor, etc.). By installing such software you could potentially be creating security holes which open your computer to attack or control by others--or a part of the program could collect info on your usage of the Internet. While the Internet has the potential to do much good, it also has the potential to do much harm (e.g., viruses).

Hartwick is held accountable for the software it is licensed to run on computers which it issues to students, faculty and staff. Personal software programs should not be installed by faculty and staff on College-owned computers, because they could interfere with Hartwick-supported programs or services. While students own the notebooks issued to them by the College, our support extends only to the software the institution is licensed to run (typically the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, Norton Antivirus, and SPSS).

Below is a link to a list of College-supported operating systems and applications for both desktops and notebooks. The Technology Resource Center will commit time and resources to make these software applications work if they misbehave on College-issued student, faculty, and staff computers.

Click here to see the list of College-supported operating systems and software applications.